Note To COUGAR TOWN: Slow It Down!

We all knew it was coming.

The moment we met COUGAR TOWN’s Jules and her hunky neighbor Grayson, it was prettty clear they were the local Ross and Rachel. The couple everybody knows is going to end up together, and about whom we all sit back and gossip as they pretend to hate one another and do the seductive dance on the notoriously fine line between love and hate. It would, we fully expected, be excruciating. And sure enough, as the weeks went by, each got involved with people who were either wildly wrong for them or fell into the close-but-no-cigar category.

We hoped that in the season finale, the pair would share a kiss, and we’d be left to spend all summer ask ourselves “will they or won’t they?”

Except… they did.

And way too soon.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that while COUGAR TOWN has morphed into one of the most entertaining ensemble comedies on television, it’s a show in desperate need of direction. It’s original — and limiting — concept was quickly abandoned (for which we’re also grateful) in favor of developing into a quirky comedy about the ties that bind a band of loveable misfits. But storyline wise, the show has been something of a disaster, largely because it favors siesmic shifts as opposed to slow developments. Laurie went from good-time-girl to practically-respectable girlfriend practically over night, and Grayson somehow went from bedding every young girl in sight to not one but two relationships with age-appropriate women in a row.

Thankfully, snarky Ellie and her adorably-whipped hubby Andy — as well as Jules’ ex, Bobby, and their son, Travis — have managed to avoid the whiplash-inducing nature of the main stories being told. But if this show is going to remain fresh, it needs to get a grip on the pacing and realize that they’ve already burned through two seasons worth or material with Jules and Grayson, who shouldn’t even be smooching yet let alone going from friends-with-benefits to dating in a single episode!

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  • crystalinad

    I agree, it was super cute but way too soon! I mean this is season one, right? 😉

  • joshemerson

    If they had pulled a Ross and Rachel, don't you think then people would be complaining about things being dragged out too much? Or it could've been like one of these shows where 5 seasons go by and the characters don't do a single thing to move towards being together.

    I think it's a refreshing change that for once a show actually isn't afraid to get the main couple together so early. There's no reason that every single main couple ever has to be like Chuck and Sarah, Jim and Pam, the list goes on.

  • sanen85

    I disagree. I've seen the tired formula of girl meets boy (or already knows them), there is sexual tension for a couple seasons, will they or won't they, etc. I'm lookimg forward to how the writer's let this play out.

  • Jill

    Don’t forget what bill lawrence did with Jd and Elliott – relationships dont have to be all at once – he can make this last while still being realistic and lovely

  • Josh

    I agree. I haven’t watched in a few weeks, but I missed A LOT more thann I should have.

  • Schwa044

    I disagree. I love the JD and Elliot storyline and that started the first episode! Bill Lawerance is the king of that.

  • TVFan

    Gotta disagree. If there is one thing Scrubs proves it's that Bill Lawrence can do romance. I for one am willing to give him a pass on last night's ep

  • Mike

    I could not disagree more!!! I love shows that are brave enough, and writers confident enough to pull this off. Chuck was a waste of almost 2 years of not getting Sarah and Chuck together without a good enough reason. If there was a really good reason to not have Jules and Grayson together then bring it on, but in real life most people who dig each other this much do not play games for as long as some couples do on TV. I say BRAVO Cougar Town!!!! When writers pull this stuff off it gives me a lot of confidence that they know exactly what they are going to do and they don't need a 'will they, won't they' crutch, cause that is what it is, a crutch, if there is no good reason for 2 people to be together.