TV Ratings: Wednesday May 5, 2010 (Now Updated with Correct Numbers)

Source: MediaWeek, Viewers: in millions
Time Network Show Viewers 18-49
8PM CBS New Adventures of Old Christine 6.43 1.8/6
NBC Minute to Win It (R) 5.50 1.6/6
ABC The Middle (R) 4.87 1.3/5
FOX Lie to Me (R) 4.44 1.3/4
CW America’s Next Top Model 3.40 1.5/5
8:30PM ABC The Middle 6.78 2.2/7
CBS The Big Bang Theory (R) 6.15 1.8/6
9PM FOX American Idol 19.05 6.3/17
CBS Crimina Minds 12.22 3.3/9
ABC Modern Family 9.32 3.8/11
NBC Mercy 3.95 1.0/3
CW Fly Girls 1.14 0.6/2
9:30PM ABC Cougar Town 5.91 2.4/7
CW Fly Girls 940,000 0.4/1
10PM CBS CSI: NY 10.22 2.2/7
NBC Law & Order: SVU 8.25 2.6/8
ABC Happy Town 3.89 1.2/4

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  • Christina

    these numbers at 10 don’t match up to th source.

  • Christina

    It looks like these were just copied and pasted from last weeks ratings.

  • irishjoe

    I'm surprised that Happy Town stayed exactly the same as last week… usually shows then to drop off a bit after their premier week…

    And I have to add, I'm NOT hating the show… sure, it;s no Twin Peaks, but I still think it's enjoyable, a little bit try-too-hard-and-fail, but after two episodes, I'm interested in finding out just what is going on in Happy Town, and if we only get these 8 episodes, I hope that things are neatly wrapped up!

  • irishjoe

    Oh, I just saw on another website that Happy Town dropped to 3.89 million viewers… I guess that is more realistic that it holding steady…

  • Sorry guys,
    my source had the incorrect numbers. Away from my computer but will fix it this afternoon.

  • cam3150

    Dang, I love Mercy and was really hoping it would pick up some steam at the end and maybe get a pick up. Those ratings are terrible. Apparently I really am one of the only people that watch it 🙁

  • asdf

    wow, just wow really laying it on CBS when you didn't have the correct facts weren't you.

  • lindseymorrison

    what was the ratings for GLEE?