An In Depth Look At… THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Double Shocker!

This week, fans of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS watched — and some cheered! — as duplicitous doppelganger Sarah (aka Lipstick Lauren) finally bit the dust. But there’s still a double stirring up trouble in Genoa City thanks to Patty, who has pulled the rare double-switch and seems poised to get away with it!

“A few months ago, Patty managed to dye Emily’s hair, drug her and switch places with the doctor in order to be the woman Jack married,” explains Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “But Jack eventually clued into the fact that the woman he’d married was actually his crazy ex, so Patty had to figure out how to prevent herself from being exposed and hauled off to jail.”

It turns out that Patty is crazy, but she’s not stupid! In order to continue posing as Emily, Patty simply switched places with her again! “Jack has rushed to the mental hospital to rescue his beloved Emily, completely unaware that Patty managed to trick everyone again!” So where’s Emily? In the hospital morgue! “It looks like it’s curtains for Patty,” teases the editor. “Next week, this whole story will explode. It’s going to be an exciting couple of days!”

Speaking of days, the new edition of the magazine — which normally only covers the three CBS soaps — features a special section on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, including a feature with uber-popular heroine Alison Sweeney (Sami). “It turns out a lot of CBS fans watch DAYS, too. Maybe because it’s the only soap NBC has, so it’s an easy commitment. And it’s a show that is telling some great stories right now, as evidenced by both its ratings increase over last year and the fact that it just got renewed.”

Never fear, however, the other CBS soaps still get their due! THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Jaqueline MacInnes Wood talks about how much fun she’s been having since Steffy turned into a hussy-in-training, and AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Eileen Fulton shares highlights from her remarkable 50-year run as the original bitch, Lisa. Finally, the mag takes a look at primetime’s tuneful saga GLEE… and finds that it has more than a few similarities to its daytime counterparts!

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