Exclusive: NBC’s Secret Pilot Code Cracked!

Are you a writer or producer on pins and needles because your pilot was not one of the four lucky ones already given the green light by NBC? Well, depending on how things turn out in the next minute or so, we’ve got some news you may find very, very interesting.

Step 1: Open your internet browser.

Step 2: Enter the title of your show in the address bar like so http://www.twitter.com/nbc[insert your show here] (Example: http://www.twitter.com/NBC_Undercovers.)

Step 3: Take a deep breath… because you’re about to find out just how much NBC likes your pilot. No really. If they’ve already gone ahead and reserved the twitter name — as they have for Summer Glau’s THE CAPE (@NBC TheCape), David E. Kelley’s KINDREDS (@NBCKindreds), THE ROCKFORD FILES (@NBCRockford), Matthew Broderick’s BEACH LANE (@NBCBeachLane), Jerry Bruckheimer’s CHASE (@NBCChase) and THE STRIP (@NBCTheStrip) — your chances of getting a green light come the Peacock’s official May 17th UpFront in New York City just got that much better! Congratulations.

Oh, and should you wish to thank us for this wonderful bit of news, how about sending a little scoop our way next season instead of that Michael Ausiewhathisname!

[Update] Despite NBC’s assertion to Variety that “NBC has apparently already registered Twitter accounts for its fall 2010 series contenders,” our non-existent research staff has yet to find twitter accounts for numerous NBC pilots including FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, THE ADAM CAROLLA SHOW, NATHAN VS. NURTURE, OUR SHOW, PERFECT COUPLES, THE PINK HOUSE and THIS LITTLE PIGGY to name a few. But on the plus side, we theTVaddict.com got our first ever-mentioned in Variety. So go us!

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