Today’s TV Addict Top 5: COMMUNITY Spoofs We’d Like to See!

In recognition of last night fantastic instalment of COMMUNITY that paid homage to some of the best action movies over the past three decades, this TV Addict thought now might be as good a time as any to suggest a few TV shows and Movies creator Dan Harmon and Co. might wish to consider aiming their sights on next season.

With T-Minus way-too-little-time until the mind-boggling journey that has been six seasons of LOST comes to a close, we’re already worried about how we’re going to fill the void. Which is why we propose COMMUNITY open its second season with a premiere that flashes back (complete with obligatory blink-and-you’ll miss character connections!) in an effort to elaborate on the curious set of circumstances that led each one of our intrepid gang of ner-do-wells to end up at Glendale Community College.

One of the biggest revelations from last night’s Paint Ball meets Modern Warfare episode of COMMUNITY was that amidst the chess, debate, and A/V club is, you guessed it, a Glee Club! No, not that Glee club, but rather a nefarious group of performers that Jeff Winger and Co. totally need to take down a notch in some sort of sing-off as punishment for their use of insidious tactics such as A Capella renditions of hit songs to draw people into sniper traps! And no, we do in fact find anything wrong with leaching of the popularity of other shows that may-or-may-not involve a glee club in an effort to beef up ratings for COMMUNITY!

When the ubiquitous “Human Being,” Glendale Community College’s mascot is found brutally murdered in the cafeteria, it’s falls to Abed and his team of study companions to employ every lesson they’ve learned from the entirety of CBS’ primetime schedule to uncover the guilty party. Step #1: Interview Star-Burns.

COMMUNITY meets The Breakfast Club
Admittedly, with the gang already locked away in the library studying this one may be a tad redundant. That said, we can’t help but feel that there is serious comedy to be mined from Jeff Winger being thrown into detention on a Saturday under the very watchful eye of Dean Pelton.

COMMUNITY meets ALIAS [in 3D!]
With MAD MEN giving Alison Brie the opportunity to demonstrate her dramatic chops and COMMUNITY shining the spotlight on her comedic ones, the one thing we have yet to see from the actress — outside of a few awesome paintball kill shots courtesy of last night’s episode — are her action and adventure abilities. Enter, that guy from that unnamed government agency that has a penchant for recruiting college coeds such as Sydney Bristow by making them offers they can’t, but probably should refuse! Added points if Britta and Shirley are recruited as well, making the CHARLIE’S ANGELS’ references that much easier for Abed!

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  • sanen85

    I had finally convinced a co-worker to give Community a second chance after she caught some hilarious parts of last week's installment. Unfortunately, I don't think this was the episode to recommend. She (and her husband) did not catch the litany of references and were a little turned off by it. It was hilarious to me and one of the best episodes to date, but I wouldn't recommend overdoing the theme thing. Well, anymore than I would recommend it to Glee.