Ask the Addict: Spoilers for LOST, MODERN FAMILY, HOUSE, GLEE, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER & More!

Any scoop on what’s in store for my favorite [MODERN] FAMILY as the season comes to a [tear] end? — Maya
The TV Addict: If this were any other show, we’d tease the fantastic May 19th season ender by revealing that… [cue ominous music]… nothing will ever be the same for America’s funniest family thanks to an unexpected intruder in Mitchell and Cam’s humble abode and a philandering Phil which culminates in a fight between the Dunphey/Pritchett clan that almost teas them apart. But since this isn’t a very special episode of LAW & ORDER, we’ll simply say the intruder is a bird, Phil is just being Phil, and America’s favorite family ends the season exactly how it started, on a high note.

What are you pegging the odds of Marshall and Lily actually going through on their promise to have a baby if they come across Barney’s doppelganger? — Amy
The TV Addict: Considering the May 24 season finale of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is called “Doppelganger” and features Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney as an extra that looks to have wandered off the set of Prince of Persia, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that come next May we’ll all be celebrating a very special baby episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

Will House and Cuddy fans be pleased with the season finale of HOUSE? — Jack
The TV Addict: House and Cuddy fans will certainly be pleased with the amount of screen time dedicated their favorite duo. As for the resolution of the will-they-or-won’t-they that has been bubbling over the course of the past few seasons. Well, let’s just say that remains to be seen. And we mean that literally! Because as much as we’d like to reveal the outcome of the very frank conversation House and Cuddy share with eachother as they struggle to safe the life of patient trapped under the rubble outside of the hospital, the executives at FOX continue to live up to their network’s namesake (as in sly as a…) by cutting the finale screener off just prior to the final scene.

Will all the talk surrounding the HOUSE finale centered around House and Cuddy, is there anything for fans of the rest of the Team to look forward to? — Max
With the notable exception of one doozy of a decision by unlucky number Thirteen, Foreman, Chase and Taub get realitively little screen time in this very “Huddy” centric season finale.

Thanks to @CarltonCuse I now know that Allison Janney is on tonight’s LOST, any word on who she’s playing? — Neil
The TV Addict: Why the Jackal of course! But on a more serious note, this being LOST, do you seriously think we have any actual answers to give you? That said, as per usual what we lack in actual pertinent information we more than make up with our unique ability to dredge up snazzy first look photos like this one of Allison Janney with Mark Pellegrino from tonight’s episode entitled “Across the Sea,” that according to reports promises the motives of John Locke will finally be explained.

Seriously TV Addict, the secret of Narrow Lake is killing me! Please tell me Sunday’s BROTHERS & SISTERS season finale brings with it answers. — Bill
The TV Addict: Good News: Sunday’s episode does in fact bring to surface the much-anticipated secret of Narrow Lake. Bad News: Short of irresponsibility speculating that said secret will be triggered via Page’s video from last week that had Kevin reminiscing about documents his father William asked him to sign out of the blue in combination with the recently discovered blueprints to Nora’s dream home — we have absolutely no idea as to what the secret involves.

Has Ryan Murphy completely forgot about the couple, Puck/Quinn? I mean, we haven’t gotten any scenes with them yet and they are supposed to be dating (and having a baby) So my question is, is there anything coming up for Puck/Quinn in the rest of the back 9? Will he ever stop manwhoring? — Noel
The TV Addict: Simma Down Now! Ryan Murphy has most definitely not forgotten about Puck, who will be front and center in tonight’s episode as he attempts to rehabilitate his bad-boy image. Step one of which may involving getting rid of his trademark mohawk!

Any guesses as to who will win tonight’s competition between Alicia and Cary to stay with the firm as the junior associate? — Ron
The TV Addict: Considering the show is called THE GOOD WIFE, and not THE REALLY GOOD LOOKING JUNIOR ASSOCIATE… year we’re going to have to go out on a limb and say Alicia’s got this one in the bag.

My love for PARENTHOOD continues to expand, but I’m worried about Haddie and Amber. Is there any chance Amber hooking up with Hattie’s ex isn’t going to end badly? — Allie
The TV Addict: Sadly no! In fact, next week, Haddie and Amber’s dispute will form a huge rift, which in the grand tradition of televised family drama will obviously come to a head at a charity event.

Any chance we’ll ever see James Franco on GENERAL HOSPITAL again? — Rashida
The TV Addict: The door was most definitely left open for the actor and his alter ego — helpfully named Franco — to return. After all, he warned that if Jason killed again, so would he. Which of course puts Jason in an interesting bind since he’s a hitman and all! The show has reportedly talked to Franco several times since he last appeared, and it seems fairly likely that he’ll pop back into Port Charles at some point in the future.

Any word on when we’re going to see the birth of Val’s baby on V? — Mike
The TV Addict: The blessed event will take place during the May 18 season finale. Unfortunately, as you can see by this first look photo, that pesky ABC marketing department are keeping the visuals tightly under wraps.

Well that about wraps it up folks for this edition of “Ask the Addict.” if you’ve got a question for the TV Addict, you can email me directly at or follow me on twitter @thetvaddict.

  • Anna

    Thanks for not answering the PQ question at all…pissed me off 🙁

  • eva

    I can´t wait for House´s season finale. This has been a Huddy-less season and ratings are a proof. I hope it will be addressed in the finale

  • QuickLegit

    Wow, way to not answer the Puck/Quinn question. We weren't asking about Puck. We want to know what's going on with them as a couple. It's really disheartening when we get nothing all the time, and just when we finally think we're going to get answers..we find out what we already now about Puck.

  • QuickLegit

    *what we already know about Puck*

  • ShirtlessLocke

    Ha, that's awesome. Barney's doppleganger.

  • irishjoe

    Puck/Quinn isn't the only relationship Glee seems to have forgotten about… what the hell happened to the Emma/Will/Terri triangle… This semed to be set up so nicely for Terri to try and win by Schu in the back 9 episodes, but the whole thing seems to have been dropped…?

    I hope that Ryan isnt thinking of axing Jessalyn, I love her as Terri… and she said that she would be invloved in a misical number in these new episodes….

  • I heard Allison Janney was playing Jacob's mom.

  • Jonah23

    As I recall, didn't the Man in Black (Fake Locke) tell a sob story about HIS mother? Maybe he and Jacob are brothers and Janney is THEIR mother.

  • fran

    Can we get a Puck and Rachel question answered? I dont care about Quinn and Puck at all.

  • Well I hope not, that might be too soap opera for me.

  • Wuppy

    For the scoop on V, that photo does reveal something – that Anna is a part of the birth! That is big news! Any more details about that?

  • Lizzy

    You don't seriously think that the ratings are low because of Huddy?! Gosh, you Huddy fangirls are so delusional!!! Yes, they are low but it's Huddy to BLAME, if there was no Huddy crap at all and instead better cases and the old team reunited the ratings would skyrocket!
    I don't care for “Huddy” MD, I want to see HOUSE MD! And so do all the other fans I know!

  • Lizzy

    So Huddy show? No thanks, I skipp that and hope for better times in the new season.

  • Which of course makes Jason is an interesting bind because Hitman and all! Show reportedly discussed several times by Franco since the last time, and it seems quite likely that he'll pop back in Port Charles at some point in the future..