• From the department of please don’t screw this up, MTV orders the American version of SKINS.
• Start your morning off on a sour note, by discovering just how much more money these ten TV kids make then you. (Seriously, we’re not bitter at all!)
• He’s not in 90210 anymore, Michael Steger to play a gay prostitute in an upcoming third season episode of TRUE BLOOD.
• Change we can believe in: Nielsen ratings that measure engagement versus viewing.
• Will lightning strike twice? Fresh off hooking up Betty White with SNL, a Facebook group is urging ABC to “Let Cam & Mitchell Kiss on MODERN FAMILY!”

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  • Jonah23

    CW missed the boat with SKINS, though cable may be the only place the content can be shown.

    Also, the kiss? Seriously, who wants to see THAT? In the immortal words of Betty White, “I wouldn't say that people on Facebook are LOSERS, but….”

  • joshemerson

    There is no possible way an MTV version of Skins could turn out well. Can you imagine how watered down it'll be?

    Cool FB group. I keep saying that it's annoying how Modern Family seems to purposely avoid ever showing anything romantic between Cam and Mitchell.

  • joshemerson

    Um, people who aren't homophobic? People who want to see a real relationship portrayed?

  • Jonah23

    Josh, if you've gotta see those two making out in order for the comedy to be complete, have at it. I've got no prob with two male lookers kissing, but that pretty much leaves out this couple. So the notion that there's an entire FB drive to force the issue seems, as Betty also said, “like a huge waste of time.”

  • kevin

    it's always bothered me that cam and mitchell never get to kiss on the show. but it's not like everyone else is constantly making out either. but still, not even a peck on the cheek? it's ridiculous.

  • ggny

    good for MTV getting away from the trash reality shows…but there is NO WAY they can capture what Skins was/is, maybe if it was on HBO it could but on MTV there is no way