Naming a television series is a lot easier said than done.

Next Wednesday for instance, the network that launched the short-lived Rob Corddry comedy THE WINNER — which we should probably mention turned out to be anything but — will give it another go with THE GOOD GUYS.

Suffice to say, ‘good’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.

From the mind of Matt Nix (BURN NOTICE) comes partners Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks) and Dan Stark (Bradley Whitford), two mismatched cops whose routine investigations invariably turn into anything but. 

Translation: Don’t let the fact that this is a police procedural fool you. What starts off in the pilot as a routine robbery investigation (or in the parlance of the series a “5-8”) of special guest star Nia Vardalos’ stolen humidifier, ends up with our hilariously mis-matched duo in a stand off with the world’s first (and second!) best assassin over a golf bag stuffed with millions of dollars in drug money. Again, we cannot stress this fact enough: THE GOOD GUYS is not your standard write-by-numbers CBS series.

Littered with a cast of characters so colorful you’ll wonder if you’ve fallen into a Tarantino joint (EVERWOOD alum Tom Amandes playing a very smarmy plastic surgeon is worth price of admission alone!), two stars (Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks) whose infectious energy will have you standing up and cheering, and a story that jumps back and forth in time so frequently that it gives LOST a run for its money, we quite honestly lack the superlatives to properly describe this refreshingly fun and more importantly original summer series.

Well, except to say that had Rob Corddry not already sullied its good name, we might have called this series THE WINNERS!

FOX is offering up a special preview of THE GOOD GUYS on Wednesday May 19 at 8PM on FOX, before it settles into its regular timeslot of Mondays at 9PM starting June 7

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  • Chiefisgreat

    Good to hear, I was hoping this was going to be good. Ads for it have been great.

  • Whoo Hooo!

  • ShirtlessLocke

    Great news, I was hoping this would be a good one.

  • Adalade2

    A breath of fresh . Love the boys! Keep them coming to prime time!

  • Val

    Absolutely love “Good Guys”. Great refreshing change from same old cop shows! so glad it is coming back in the fall!

  • Jsgriccia

    What a great show! Hope it is coming back.