Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!

“Cameron and Mitchell are a loving, grounded, committed, and demonstrably affectionate couple and have been from the beginning of the series. It happens that we have an episode in the works for next season that addresses Mitchell’s discomfort with public displays of affection. Until then, we thank everyone for being so invested in these characters.” said ABC to in response to fans growing concern over Cameron and Mitchell’s lack of PDA [Public display of affection]

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  • kevin

    that's an incredibly condescending comment. it would only make sense if the show exclusively showed the characters out in public, but that is not the case. are we to believe that his discomfort with pda keeps mitchell from touching cameron in their own house? it sounds like they don't want to risk offending more people than they already might, since the show is on before 10pm, and now they're just trying to give a story reason for an already mandated policy. lame.

  • Abby

    I have found it odd that they never hold hands or touch much, even in their own home, away from others.