Daytime Emmy Shockers!

It’s probably not surprising that the awards handed out to honor those who labor in the soap opera world tend to create a little drama each year. As we’re not exactly experts in the field, we turned to the only person we know who gets paid to watch – and report on – all of the daytime dramas, Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms, who started things off by declaring, “Stacy Haiduk was totally robbed!”

For those not in the know (like, say, us), Haiduk plays current In Depth cover girls Patty and Emily. That’s right, she plays twins. Kind of. “Patty had herself surgically altered to look like Emily,” explains the editor. “This story could have been a complete disaster, but what really made it work was Haiduk’s amazing work. She made crazy cool again.”

Another shocker? “Somehow, ALL MY CHILDREN’s writing team got a nod despite the work of Chuck Pratt – who was eventually ousted in favor of new writers whose work, ironically, officially begins airing today – being decried as crap by pretty much everyone.”

Over at GENERAL HOSPITAL, there was good news – COUGAR TOWN’s Carolyn Hennesy got a nod for her work as Port Charles attorney Diane – and bad. “It’s surprising that Maurice Benard (Sonny), Anthony Geary (Luke) and Laura Wright (Carly) were all snubbed,” says Simms. “Not only are they big names, but they also are pretty much who the show revolves around. Especially in the case of Benard! Love him or hate him, Sonny is that show.”

Asked his personal favorites among the nominees? “If Y&R’s Billy Miller doesn’t win, I’ll never watch soaps again,” the editor says. “Okay, that’s totally not true, but man, that guy could read the phone book and fans would tune in. He’s a huge star. I’d also love to see DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Molly Burnett get a trophy. She’s an incredibly fascinating actress to watch. She’s quirky, and you never know what she’s going to do next. But Supporting Actress is a tough call since she’s up against Julie Marie Berman (Lulu, GH), and she is one of the best in the biz. All three of them – Berman, Burnett and Miller – are the kind of actors who you almost hate to fall in love with if only because you know that sooner or later, someone’s gonna come along and steal them away from daytime. You want them to be wildly successful, but at the same time, you know it’ll mean giving up your daily visits with them.”

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  • rebecca herbst should of been nominated

  • kitty

    I would love to see Jonathan Jackson take home the Emmy as well as Sarah Brown, i too was surprised of the snubbing of Maurice & Laura i would love to see each of them win the award Anthony Geary I do love however not so upset about him being snubbed he wins every year, we all know hes good its nice to see the throphy go to some one different then him this year

  • MLB

    Jonathan Jackson killed it this year. Billy Miller should not win. I do love him but Jonathan gave the performance of the year.

  • atwt fan

    I think ATWT’s Terri Colombino should have been nominated! Her performance was superb during Brad’s death.

  • Linda

    Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) totally deserves an Emmy! These are for last year, correct, and he rocked his performance! Kirsten Storms(Maxie) also deserved a nom. She also was great! I love JJ but he wasn’t on most of last year!!

  • Shelby

    I think Laura Wright not being nominated was a HUGE snub! She is the best actress on daytime, hands down!

  • Nicole

    Laura Wright should have been nominated! Sooo happy for Carolyn Hennesy, she deserves it!

  • OMG I couldn't agree more with Richard! Stacey Haiduk is an example of talented actors in daytime that make unbelievably stupid drivel WORK! The fact that she wasn't nominated for an Emmy while a hack like Chuck Pratt DID proves that whoever does the nominating needs to be put into a padded cell along with Haiduk's character Patty.

    Another blatant snub to me has to be the incredible and gracious Sharon Case. She to me embodies the actress that does not go let the words overshadow her performance. She is so perfect and nuanced and in a genre where actors get a bad rep for over-doing it, it's not difficult to see why she is one of my favorites. She has kept me glued to Y&R for more than 15 years. She made the incredibly tacky birth of Faith and fake labor scenes with Eileen Davidson's Ashley actually work! Now that I think about it, Eileen Davidson was also snubbed for her incredible work in the Faith storyline.

    Michelle Stafford used to be a great actress when she played her character as a total bitch who didn't have a sainted attitude. She is no longer interesting to me. She is what Joey from Friends mocks as Dr. Drake Romorey. Totally and unnecessarily over the top ALWAYS.

    I am however thrilled that Jonathan Jackson, Billy Miller, Julie Marie Berman, Sarah Brown and Doug Davidson were nominated. These are the actors that I will be cheering on to win on Emmy night. If there is any justice in the world, then the Emmy would go to these wonderful actors.

  • I was surprised to see Haiduk not make the list, but very pleased to see Michelle Stafford nominated, she spun straw into gold last year. Congratulations to all the nominees

  • LauraAKB

    I'm delighted to see Carolyn Hennesy on the list. She has made Diane into a character we love to love! Always sorry when Tony Geary doesn't make the list. But, in reality, he had very little material to work with last year. He's under-used and under-appreciated.

  • ladykj

    Hello James Scott! He should get the emmy! Hands down!

  • ladykj

    Hello James Scott! He should get the emmy! Hands down!

  • chrishntr

    I am so happy for Brian Kerwin, and I so hope he takes it home. His portrayal of Charlie Banks is phenomenal and he is deserving of the Emmy.

  • Explain these crappy AMC noms to me! Debbie Morgan was cheated out of a win last year. And they're doing it again! She and Darnell Williams had the best reunion, wedding scenes and they were ditched for some lame actress on OLTL! If you don't wanna recognize talent and great acting why have the actors on the show?! You're wasting their time! AND MINE!

  • mrshudgins

    CANNOT believe Laura Wright was not nominated! UNREAL! Her performances over the last year and a half have been absolutely AMAZING! Shame on the nominators.

  • mrshudgins

    Congrats to all of the GH nominees!

  • mrshudgins

    Congrats to all the GH nominees!

  • mrshudgins

    CANNOT believe Laura Wright was not nominated! Shame on the “powers that be”. Her performances over the last year and a half have been absolutely AMAZING!

  • Lady53

    Totally agree with Richard. Also agree completely with Sara above on her post, except for Johnathan and Julie Marie as I am not familiar with these two actors. Christi K did nothing this year to warrant an emmy. And she should not be considered young actress as she has been on the show for a while and isn't young. Kevin Schmidt or the girl who plays Eden would have been better choices, especially Kevin. The boy is damn good.

  • Christian

    Happy for all that were nominated! Sad Becky Herbst did not get nominated, would be nice if those in charge of GH stories would begin to concentrate more on the other characters. No offense to the great talents of Maurice or Laura b/c they are fantastic, but Sonny and Carly are not what made GH! Bring on the Spencer/Cassadine feud!

  • chels725

    Jonathon should win next year. All of this emmy worthy material happened this year so it's eligible for next years awards. The only thing he did for this year's eligiblity period was come back to the show. He's got it in the bag next year though.

  • chels725

    I'm happy for Molly Burnett. She should get the gold since she really was one of the leads of the show last year. Despite all the flack she gets she really is a great actress. Drama and comedy is what you get with her.

    Alison Sweeney and Stacey Haiduk were robbed. They should've been nominated and win. They gave some of the best performances I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

    Days was snubbed in the Drama Series category. They submitted the scenes of Baby Grace's death last year and they were just marvelous. I cried like a baby for the weeks of her death.

    Congrats to all the nominees though. Many of them had some amazing material last year.

    No congrats to Chuck Pratt though. He was horrible and AMC was virtually unwatchable. AMC & B&B being nominated for Drama Series is a joke. Y&R wasn't much better but GH should have that one in the bag. That category is just a joke.

  • Nikki

    Anybody can act like a tramp. Don’t need an award for that.

  • You know, it's hard to get daytime fans to agree on anything so the unanimity of anger about Stacy Haiduk's Emmy snub really speaks to how badly the Emmy voters screwed this one up. I've seen a lot of twins/doppelgangers in my many years of watching soaps and I can't recall anyone–save David Canary, perhaps–doing it as well as Haiduk. No matter what happens in Las Vegas, Haiduk's snub will be a blight on this year's Emmys.

    IMO, the other surprise was the snub of Scott Evans. I can understand bypassing Brett Claywell (maybe), but Evans carried the weight of an amazing storyline on OLTL and I'm disappointed he won't be recognized for it. You have to wonder how much the rumor mongering, following their departure from ABC, impacted them not being chosen.

    A few other quick points:

    1. I am not disappointed that Maurice Bernard didn't get a nomination. I've come to accept the mob's role on GH but rewarding it is a whole other thing–particularly if Bernard submitted the scene from Claudia's party that was dripping in misogyny.

    2. Jonathan Jackson didn't deserve his nomination–he'd barely arrived in Port Charles by the time the Emmy window closed. Next year, he's the frontrunner but this year, he didn't even deserve the nod.

    3. There seems to be a lot of debate on message boards about Michelle Stafford getting the Lead Actress nod over Sharon Case but I think the voters made the right call there. I think Stafford submitted the break-up scene with Nick and that was stellar. Case, while delivering strong performances all year, didn't produce anything comparable.

    4. Christel Khalil? REALLY?!

    All that said, I'm excited about the nominations for Crystal Chappell, Doug Davidson, Billy Miller and Drew Garrett and I'll be cheering for them to win. If Crystal Chappell doesn't win, there's really no justice in daytime…