• Rent-a-Star: Burt Reynolds to drop by BURN NOTICE.
• The day the laughter died, Comedy Central cancels THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM
• You will be entertained, Starz greenlights a SPARTACUS prequel.
• Sad day in HAPPY TOWN, with ABC announcing plans to burn off their lowly rated series this summer.
• You know who is not so Gleeful: Ryan Murphy, who is urging a boycott of Newsweek after the magazine published what he calls a “blatantly homophobic” article.

• Good Deed of the Day: Be Devan’s Match. Save His Life.

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  • Nick

    Dear ABC,

    You've tried and tried and failed and failed to find “the next” supernatural series to draw in the Lost audience you'll soon be losing.

    With each passing episode of Lost, a universe of questions are opened–which would make for a must-see prequel or continuation of the series (in some/any way). The fans don't want it to end, and it just topped the Nielsen ratings as the “most engaging” series on TV… I guess the question must again be asked: Exactly why are you killing this franchise prematurely?

  • kevin

    so angry about the sarah silverman program. that was one of the funniest shows i've ever seen.

  • joshemerson

    Why would you possibly think that ABC is killing Lost? It's the producers of Lost that went to ABC and asked for there to be an end date to the show. ABC agreed rather than try and carry on the show with different producers and possibly some of the cast leaving. Believe me, ABC would love nothing more than to get a few more seasons out of the show.

  • LOST will be back as a saturday morning cartoon or a graphic novel…ABC wont let it stop, it just wont have the original creators, cast members etc.