Good News, Bad News: FOX, NBC, HEROES & More!

Good News: FOX has officially awarded HUMAN TARGET and LIE TO ME 13-episode commitments for a second and third season respectively. Bad News: For slightly-less-than-super-scooper Michael Ausiello who we’re pretty sure reported earlier in the week that execs at FOX were being asked to choose one or the other. Awkward. [Source]

Good News: According to reports, NBC is thisclose to putting HEROES out of its misery. Bad News: But not before possibly committing to a two-or four-hour movie event to wrap things up. [Source]

Good News: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s Mitch Hurwitz latest comedy starring Will Arnett and Keri Russel has been given the greenlight. Bad News: By FOX, whose recent track record with live action comedy is nothing to laugh about. [Source]

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  • Nick

    Wow, what a colossal missed-opportunity by every other network besides (dare I say it?)…FOX. Will Arnett and the brilliant Keri Russell together in a comedy??!! Can't think of anything much better. Please don't screw this up, Fox. You're dealing with gold.