Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About COMMUNITY Star Danny Pudi

He does not possess Abed’s encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture.
Despite having grown up immersed in pop culture and counting the likes of Goodfellas and Indiana Jones among movies that he can’t click away from if he happens to come across them while flipping through the channels, actor Danny Pudi does not posses Abed’s encyclopaedic knowledge of pop culture. “Abed is the type of guy who remembers word for word ever scene, character, and not only that, is able to apply it to everyday world situations,” said Pudi on a recent conference call with reporters. “The kind of the fun and challenging thing about this role is that I’m often given scripts with references that I don’t necessarily remember or get until then the next thing you know, you’ll see me Googling My Bodyguard or going to Blockbuster and renting all these movies just to make sure I know what I’m talking about.”

Before COMMUNITY, he was best known as the “Butt Dialler”
“I think that says it all. I mean it’s – I don’t really know what’s happened this year. It’s been so bizarre. I was on a flight not too long ago and the flight attendant came up to me and grabbed me both of my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, got really close to me and said Asperger’s. She yelled it in my face and that’s all she said. And then she proceeded to bring me two like drinks that were pretty much pure vodka,” said the actor. “After that she sprayed some Binaca in her mouth, kissed me on the lips and said that was for Joel McHale. So these are the scenarios that happen now that like eight months ago, that wouldn’t have happened. Eight months I would probably have been considered maybe a potentially dangerous person on a flight and now people come up to me and say nice things to me and, you know, it’s crazy. It’s a crazy thing working – when you look at your refrigerator and you see a Christmas card with Chevy Chase right next to a Christmas card with (Matt O’Grady), right next to a Christmas card with Joel McHale. And last year it would have just been (Matt O’Grady) and possibly my sister and my cousin but now I have like those two Christmas cards on my fridge. That’s a weird thing to accept as real and not as a stalker. I didn’t steal them.”

He’s as obsessed with Twitter as the rest of us.
Aside from the 25,742 strong who hang on @dannypudi’s every word character and the challenge that comes with getting across ones comedic point of view in 140 characters or less, what exactly is Pudi’s attraction to the social media craze sweeping the nation? Simple. “It’s just a great way to stay connected with people in the world about your show and about what’s going on, you know. And our cast, who is incredibly busy and talented, it’s a nice way for me to know what everybody’s doing and be like oh, Joel’s in Las Vegas or Alison’s episode of MAD MEN is airing now.”

He feels fortunate to be playing such a three dimensional character.
“I think times have changed a lot from the days of, you know, of back in the early 90s when I was growing up and you had Apu on THE SIMPSONS or the Indian guy with the magic rocks protecting villages in Indiana Jones,” explained Pudi. “The fact that I get to play a character that’s really well rounded and kind of odd and quirky and exploring the world, it’s just so wonderful because I always feel like every week is going to be a fun, new adventure.”

He’s kind of a neat freak.
Although Pudi is quick to point out that he’s not nearly as neurotic and socially awkward as his small screen alter ego when asked what personality characteristics he shares with Abed. The actor, who is married in real-life, did reveal one freakishly bizarre quirk that had us seriously questioning his sanity. That quirk: A love of vacuuming! “There’s something tremendously gratifying about the process of vacuuming,” revealed the actor, completely seriously. “Opening the windows and then just seeing a nicely vacuumed floor. It’s like to me one of my favorite things to do.”

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