An In Depth Look At… The Plot To Destroy GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lulu & Dante!

Last week, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lulu and Dante — one of the show’s hottest pairings, by all accounts — finally hit the sheets in a blush-inducing, boundary-pushing, boob-blurring scene that had everyone talking. The couple couldn’t be happier… which, in soapville, means it’s time to stir up some trouble.

Enter one-woman wrecking ball Carly Corinthos.

“Carly is royally ticked with Lulu and Dante for their role in helping put her son, Michael, behind bars,” explains Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “Of course, in true Carly fashion, she doesn’t accept any responsibility for her own actions, but that’s another story. If there’s one thing we know about Carly, it’s that she’s not the kind of woman who takes being crossed lightly. So this week, she decides to make Lulu and Dante pay by destroying their happy little relationship!”

While typically, the answer to the question “Who ya gonna call?” is “Ghostbusters!”, in this case, Carly dials up former Port Charles resident Brook Lynn. Turns out Ned and Lois’ daughter has gotten herself into a bit of trouble, making her easy prey for Carly. “Brook Lynn and Dante know each other from Bensonhurst, where they grew up. So Carly brings her to town, hoping Brook Lynn will be able to squeeze herself between Dante and Lulu.”

The issue also features an interview with Kristen Alderson (Starr), whose singing ability is on display during this week’s special musical episodes of ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and a chat with ALL MY CHILDREN’s Alicia Minshew about her maternity leave and what’s next for her alter ego, Kendall, when finally she returns to Pine Valley sans Zach. And the Supercouple Smackdown continues its semi-finals, with three couples from GH duking it out. “It looks as if Liz is in two different pairings,” previews Simms. “Liz and Lucky beat Liz and Nick, and before that, she and Jason beat out Sam and Jason. So in the semi-finals, it’s Liz and Lucky against Liz and Jason.” The third couple in the mix? “Olivia and Johnny,” says the editor. “These are three wildly popular pairings, which is how they got this far. So now, we’ll find out which couple is the most popular on the show.” The winning pair will go up against AMC’s Zach and Kendall as well as OLTL’s John and Natalie. “At long last, after a very tough battle and a whole lot of ballots — all of which I counted personally! — we’ll find out which couple is the most popular on ABC’s daytime, as voted by the fans.”

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  • guest

    I don't like any of the GH couples in the smackdown…Robin and Patrick are the BEST couple on GH and have been for quite some time. But, the show doesn't give them airtime or support anymore, so it's not surprising to me that the polls lacked Scrubs fan participation. I hope John and Natalie beat out all if its competition! Next to Scrubs on GH…Jolie are the hottest couple on daytime!

  • shanna

    I personally don't care about Lulu and Dante and after Lulu went to Carly crying for her to spare Dante (after she wouldn't tell Jason where Michael was even though he pleaded with her), I don't care if Carly destroys them.