Last night’s VAMPIRE DIARIES was the season finale and I’ll be honest: I expected more. During its freshman season, the series has proved itself to be so much more than a Twilight knock-off, specializing in sparkling dialogue, complex relationships and the kind of cliffhangers that would make any daytime soap scribe cry out, “We’re not worthy!” But having said all that, I expected more from the cliffhanger meant to keep us buzzing with excitement all season. Come on, seriously… who hasn’t suspected for months that the whole season was building up to Katherine’s return? And while the “Elena”/Damon kiss was shocking for a second or two, the second Jenna said, “You’d better come on in,” it was pretty clear what was going on. Having believed there was something fishy going on in the mayor’s manse for a while, I’m actually more intrigued by Tyler’s reptilian eyes than the Katherine twist. Obviously, we’re about to introduce another supernatural element… and here’s hoping it’s not werewolves. Making furry manboys the second creature introduced is the oldest trick in the vampire-series playbook. Heck, when daytime sudser DARK SHADOWS gave bloodsucking Barnabas a relative, they brought on cousin Quintin, who soon began howling at the moon and having his mutton chops take over his whole body. All in all, DIARIES had an amazing first season, and last night’s finale was a great capper. If, like me, you’re gonna miss the show a whole lot over the summer, never fear, TRUE BLOOD is returning soon. And how brilliant was HBO to run an ad during DIARIES last night? Very smart, people. Very, very smart!

If DIARIES left me feeling a tiny bit let down by its season-ending cliffhanger, the opposite proved true of SUPERNATURAL. While this has been an amazing season for the show, the scenes for last night’s epi didn’t seem all that exciting. But dios mio! Castiel being reduced to a pink mist! Bobby’s neck snapped! Sam beating the living crap out of Dean before throwing himself (and half-bro Adam) into the pit! And that wonderful, heartbreaking final scene. I have to assume this episode was purposely designed to serve as a wrap-up for the series had it not been picked up for another season, and man, did it work on that level. In fact, having dealt with armageddon all season and then capped it with the appropriately titled episode “Swan Song”, I’ll be fascinated to see what the writing team comes up with next season. I’ll admit, there’s a part of me that really wishes it would end there. There is nothing better than watching a show go out on a high note, and I can’t help wondering if when SUPERNATURAL finally does conclude, we’ll be left thinking, “Geez, yeah, in retrospect, that woulda been the perfect stopping point.” I don’t want to see this show go past its prime as so many other (coughbuffycough) have over the years. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with knowing when to say when.
There’s apparently a lot of controversy swirling around last week’s episode of LOST. I never had a chance to comment on it before, so I’ll throw my two cents in now: Loved it! I don’t give two craps about the Man In Black’s name. Didn’t know it before, don’t need to know it now. The episode did a pretty awesome job of answering an early question regarding those bodies Jack and Kate found way back in season one, and it was an intriguing story to boot. I found it a whole lot more interesting than some recent outings, that’s for sure.
So ABC picked up V, huh? Not sure I’ll come back for the second season. So far, this season has seemed like much ado about nothing. I’ve complained about its storytelling week after week, and nothing changed with the penultimate episode of the season. There simply is no sense of this being much more than a spitting contest between Erica and Anna, and I can’t help feeling several key, major roles were miscast. Will I tune in for next week’s finale? Of course. (Hello, I’m an addict, remember?) But I may just opt out next season, if only because I’m pissed at ABC for picking up this crapfest and cancelling my beloved BETTER OFF TED. (Oh, who am I kidding. We all know I can’t NOT tune in next season, at least to see how the presumed cliffhanger is resolved.)
This weekend is the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES finale, and let me tell you something: If the final scene is of a bomb going off with a “who lives, who dies” cliffhanger — and you KNOW it will be — I’m gonna be pissed. This show has suffered a serious lack of creativity and originality for years now, and this season has been nearly unwatchable. It is in desperate need of someone who knows how to tell a real mystery with real consequences on the characters we love and use its subplots as something other than time-killers.

  • Tina

    Yaaaaaaaay, I’m so happy there’ll be a second season of V!
    it’s the best show on TV 😀

  • ShirtlessLocke

    I also think that last night's Supernatural would've worked so well as a series finale. Excluding the reappearance of Sam at the end, though. Would've been a perfect way for the show to end.

    Though now it got picked up, I can only wonder where they are going to take the story, but I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

    Also, as for TVD, nearly every actor on that show is horrible. Excluding Ian Somerhalder, who is quite good. The ending was suprising, but the rest was boring and predictable.

    V is just a stupid show. It's 10 episodes of talking about this tense conflict between humans and the V's and the storylines are dull and lackluster. I even prefer Flashforward to that mess, and that is saying something.

  • joshemerson

    I don't get the appeal of Better Off Ted. I tried watching it a couple times and I thought it sucked. And I say this as a huge fan of TV comedy, much more than drama. It just seems incredibly overrated.

    V has been fairly entertaining so far, though I definitely get the complaints about the show. I'd love to see everything increased to a worldwide scale. We know they're supposed to have ships over what, 29 cities? You'd think we would find out about more than 4-5 members of the resistance.

  • Abby

    Enjoyed your comments and agree for the most part (still enjoying V). I was also a big fan of Better off Ted. Who do you think is miscast on V? Certainly Elizabeth Mitchell and the actress who plays Anna are exceptional.

  • Emily

    If Dean had gone down with Sam I would have said that it was a perfect way to end the show. But now, with Dean playing family while being miserable and Sammy stuck in hell? No, I'm glad they get another season to wrap it up and have the brothers end the show together. Dead or alive, it should end with Sam and Dean together if you ask me. That's what the show is all about 🙂

  • Lynn

    Funny. My sister and I had a conversation last night about whether they had to beat people over the head with the fact that Tyler's a werewolf. I told her I think the audience is understanding the subtle hints, and they're probably picking up on the clues so far (rage during a full moon, the device affecting him, his father's clearly a wolf too, his eyes), only to come on here and see “reptilian eyes.” Whoops. I guess not.

    Unfortunately for you, pretty much all signs so far have been pointing to Werewolf-sim. I can't say I'm upset or anything, but I don't think it's really necessary to go down that path.

    I'm enjoying the witch angle, but I don't think we really need to bring werewolves into it.

  • ggny

    Next Season i think we will see a new Vampire on VD but i dont think it will be Jeremy i think it will be Caroline

  • I gotta say i disagree regarding TVD i thought it was an amazing season finale and yeah we were expecting Kat's return but that didn't lesson the juiciness of finally having her back or the thrill of wondering what she's gonna do to Elena when they meet in the kitchen. Also Tyler is a Werewolf and i'm thrilled!!! Can't wait to see him wolf out!! And can't wait for next season this was one kick ass freshman year I'm anxiously waiting if they can top themselves in season 2

  • That was the season finale of Vampire DIaries?!?!?! No way! I totally felt like next week would pick up the story line… in spite of the cliff hangers it didn't have that season finale feel to it… perhaps the cliffhangers weren't set up properly?

    As for your furry fears… Unless they decide to make some more major changes from the original books (which I must admit to have reading, and the series is 100 times better!), then prepare yourself for disappointment. But lest Twilight comparisons start, these books were written a decade before!

    I had not at all thought that was Katherine… until i saw what she did to John, and then I went ohhhhhh…

    Am glad it got renewed! But now I can't wait for True Blood to start for my weekly bloodsucker fix! :p

    And V definitely deserves a 2nd season, the show had a slow start, but the episodes keep getting better!

  • LOL… you obviously have never read the Vampire Diaries books based on your review…. With that said… you're not going to like the Tyler-twist. Sowwy!

    Personally, between Diaries and Supernatural the CW set the bar HIGH last night. I only hope Smallville continues in its footsteps.

  • Best Show Ever!!! As Far As I have seen, this show is awesome. Can't wait for the new season. This show has been really good since the beginning and it just keeps getting better. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the new season. This show is so good you just keep coming back for more.