How Michael Ausiello Ruined Our Weekend!

Okay, so Michael Ausiello didn’t exactly ruin our weekend. That said, knowing this and this while watching what otherwise would have been two fairly entertaining episodes of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and BROTHERS & SISTERS certainly didn’t help.

Now, instead of applauding Marc Cherry for turning around a fairly uneven season of HOUSEWIVES with a surprisingly poignant finale that featured a sympathetic Eddie, victorious Angie and doozy of a baby-swap tease for next season, we find ourselves disappointed that the network allowed for super-scooper Michael Ausiello to spoil what could have been a deliciously delightful surprise in the form of Paul Young’s (Mark Moses) unexpected return to Wisteria Lane. As for BROTHERS & SISTERS, any and all slack we were prepared to cut the show due to Rob Lowe’s highly publicized exit all but evaporated thanks to the network’s insistence on needlessly revealing what would have been a gut-wrenching final few moments courtesy of their far-too-revealing promos!

In short ABC, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!

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  • Rachel

    i have trust issues with Rob Lowe. After West Wing, i’m always worried that he’s going to leave a show too early and again, he has proven this to be the case. I’m not sure I’m going to like brothers and sisters as much without him.

  • TVFan

    Love the headline even though Ausiello didn't ruin your weekend as much as ABC did. But I completely agree. Mark Moses return was definitely something the network could have kept secret, same with the big Walker pile-up. Huge Fail!

  • Lol, Ausiello just tweeted this.

  • joshemerson

    I didn't see the ABC promos for B&S so the ending surprised me. You have a good point about Ausiello though. Sometimes I wonder if I should quit reading his stuff so that I can be surprised at shows!

  • In truth, my Ausiello-related headline was me being facetious! I'm really placing the blame on ABC here. No offense to Mark Moses, but he isn't exactly Rob Lowe. His return to HOUSEWIVES most definitely could have, and should have been kept under wraps.

  • jprescott

    The network ALLOWED? Michael Ausiello doesn't work for the network, silly person. How much of a TV addicat can you be and not know that?

  • Amy_D259

    I really wish I hadn't seen the Mark Moses thing before the episode. It defin. would have been way better for it to be a surprise.
    Either way though, glad he's back 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    While he may not work for the network, if he spoiled things they didn't want him to, he wouldn't get access to events like he's been to all this week or get tapes of shows before they come out.

  • Ace

    I think with Rob you were already spoiled if you knew he had joined P&R. But if you managed to avoid all that, he actually ruined it for some people through his own twitter account b/f the show started… That was less than cool.

  • fred

    eh idiots, the whole thing is called SPOILER, it's here to SPOIL things for you, always, all the time. nothing else. why anyone would ask to get spoil and then complain is beyond me… (why anyone would want to by spoiled, is beyond me…)

  • fred,
    Not all spoilers are created equal. There is a difference between a SPOILER and a spoiler. It's one thing to hint and tease about certain upcoming plotlines, another thing entirely to reveal what essentially amounted to the final DH shocker of the season. Once again, I don't blame Ausiello by any stretch. I just can't believe that little casting bit was allowed to be made public.