Must Read TV: TWO & A HALF MEN, WEEDS, FOX & More!

• In Review: An extraordinary TV season and the rules that shaped it.
• From the department of least surprising news ever… Charlie Sheen will not turn down 48 million dollars a season by agreeing to return to TWO AND A HALF MEN for two more seasons.
• Trailer Park: Get your first look at FOX’s Fall Slate.
• She’ll be back, Linda Hamilton joins WEEDS.
• The GLEE Effect: How the Hit Show Reminded Fox Not to Be Boring Next Season.
• The not-so-good associate: Matt Czuchry teases his character’s revenge starting on tonight’s GOOD WIFE.

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  • Nick

    Wow. No one saw that coming. Charlie Sheen is both the luckiest and most overpaid man in America. And we wonder why the country has gone to pot. This schmuck is the highest paid actor on TV. The inmates are truly running the asylum.