CW Unveils 2010-11 Primetime Schedule

Snap judgments, photos and video to come, but until then, enjoy this first look at the CW’s just announced 2010-11 Primetime Schedule — with new shows as per usual highlighted in orange — after the jump.

8PM: 90210 (New Night)

8PM: ONE TREE HILL (New Night)

9PM: HELLCATS (New Series)

9PM: NIKITA (New Series)


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  • Linda B.

    I agree, I don’t like Supernatural being on Fridays, but then again, at least it clears up Thursday. There’s too many shows on that night!

  • Nick

    All five nights look solid, for maybe the first time in the network's history. Can you believe we don't have to endure the Top Model repeats anymore!?

  • ggny

    finally cw puts out a fall schedule that looks decent and does have 6 antm reruns on it

  • Seriously?! Thursday nights were my favorite thanks to The Vampire Diaries & Supernatural being paired up together. Pairing the Winchester boys up with the Smallville gang again, while it made sense in the past, I don't think it makes sense this year…especially since we all know that Smallville is a dying show.

  • Ace

    I'm glad the put Life UnExpected on Tues. It actually stands a chance there.

  • joshemerson

    This is exactly what I expected the schedule to be, although I expected OTH/LUX on Mon and 90210/GG on Tues. Interesting that they're putting OTH up against Glee instead of 90210.

    I think Supernatural will be just fine on Friday. I assume the fanbase is hardcore enough that they'll follow the show anywhere, and that's probably what the CW is counting on.

  • Brandy

    I'll watch Hellacts, oth, lux, 90210, gossip girl,antm. Not sure if gg's and 90210's ratings will be better(with 90210 on Mon). Hope fully all these shows ratings improve next season. Glad oth and lux, maybe Nakita aren't sharinga timeslot. I might checkout Nakita ( i like strong women shows) but i don't know…. I'm surprised they don't have anything for mid season or will tthat come later? I was really hoping Betwixed/changelings and wyoming project would be picked up. very Sad/dissapointed Melrose place is cancelled. I'm surprised they're picking up a new reality show for summer cuase with exception of antm, their reality shows bomb and are cancelled. Glad to see High Society isn't renewed like it was rumored-maybe mid season? it sucks so i don't care.

  • cam3150

    Am I the only one not understanding the need for a Nikita remake? The USA version was completele awesomeness and cannot be improved upon, IMO. Seriously, who could replace Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis??? Also, it wasn't really that long ago. Not that I won't be watching the pilot, but still…

    Now, if only we could just get “somebody” cough*tvaddict*cough to put together a pretty, pretty preliminary fall schedule so I can know exactly how overloaded my DVR is going to be…

  • Ugh!

    I am NOT happy about the Supernatural switch to Friday night, that does not bode well for the future of the show in my opinion. Not to mention that I thought the pairing of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural was great. Not sure how Nakita and Diaries will do together.

    I am also worried about Life UneXpected moving to Tuesdays. At first I realized that now it would not be against CBS' Monday Comedies, but then I realized that it will now be against NCIS: LA (I don't partake in the show, but a ridiculous number of people do).

    So, I say again… UGH!

  • Liz

    Tuesday at 9 is not a horrible spot for Life Unexpected. NCIS-LA is only popular because it's in between NCIS and the Good wife. It's the weakest hour on Tues. Compare that to 8 where it would have to go up against NCIS and GLEE. Good luck.
    The only other slot I could see is Wed at 9, but that's not really better.