Dear MODERN FAMILY’s Steve Levitan: We’re on to you!

First you craft an episode of MODERN FAMILY that sees Phil Dunphy get an iPad — the most sought after device since Apple’s reinvention of the phone — weeks before the rest of us. Next, you concoct a surprise all-expenses paid trip courtesy of the fine folks at ABC trip to Hawaii for the Dunphy-Pritchett clan. And finally, you wrap up the season with a night out at the Lakers game complete with a cameo appearance by Kobe Bryant.

Look, we understand it’s a tough ‘job’ and somebody’s got to do it. But what’s next? A special appearance by Gloria’s (Sofia Vergara) thus far unforseen sister played by none other than Salma Hayek!

Joking aside, congratulations on a phenomenal first season. How we’re going to get through the summer without our favorite new family, we’ll, we’re not looking forward to it. See you in September.


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  • Nick

    Very funny finale (as was every episode), but I've grown to appreciate The Middle just as much.

  • joshemerson

    They're definitely a well-off family. It's like watching the Walkers without the alcoholism. LOL

    This has been a brilliant first season for the show. It has basically taken the #1 spot on my favorite shows of the season list, even surpassing 30 Rock.

  • Ace

    I miss it already. Cougar Town too actually. I'm more surprised by that since I really really disliked the show when it first started.