The Questions LOST MUST Answer Sunday Night!

At this point, so many questions have sprung up around that time-hoppin’, guardian-needin’, monster-makin’ island that the only thing we know for certain is that LOST will never be able to answer them all on Sunday night.

And we’re okay with that. Or at least trying to be.

But there are certain questions that absolutely, positively must be answered if viewers are to walk away feeling as if the entire mind-bending endeavor wasn’t a complete waste of time. With that in mind, what are the questions topping YOUR must list? Post them below, and next week, we’ll revisit which ones were resolved… and which left us hanging!

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  • Matt

    I really just want to know the answer to the outrigger scene in season 5, either in the finale or in the extra answers part of the DVD. I also need to know what happened to Rose, Bernard, and most importantly, Vincent!

  • Bex

    I can answer the polar bear… it’s one of two theories.. Walt made it appear out of his comic book.. or it was already there in a dharma cage being experimented on

  • Brig

    I want to know who Jack’s son David’s mom is!!! Pretty much all of my other dying to know questions have been answered or explained enough that I’m satisfied.

  • Locke’s Folly

    Why does it appear that the Ajira flight316 traveled back in time to 2007?

    Oceanic 815 crashes 9/22/2004. The Oceanic 6 are rescued 108 days later (1/2005). They are off the island for “3 years” (~2008). They return via Ajira 316…there is a flash and some people disappear (to 1977)…for the rest of the plane it was night but it is now day…they land on Hydra island in the on-Island “present” of 2007.

  • Nick

    Good lord, I could be here all day writing.

  • Dave

    I honestly could not tell you what I absolutely want to know at this point. There is a lot I want to know don't get me wrong, but I just can't think of main things that need answered over other things that don't need answered. I'd really like a reason behind Widmore and Eloise. Widmore showed a lot more interest in the island before he says Jacob came and visited him. What was that for? And why does Eloise seem to know so much?

  • I just want to know what the freakin' polar bear was all about?!

  • Do you have all day? There are at least a hundred questions I would like to see answered, but lately, I have been wondering why we do not know the man in black’s name. He has always been called my brother, my son, Flock, Smoke Monster, etc., but we don't know his true name. Not the most pressing question that needs an answer by any means, but it just seems odd to me that they have gone out of their way to never mention his name.

  • dude, dharma was doing random experiments on the island…this one was answered back in season 3

  • Linda B.

    What about the numbers? I don't think they ever told us where they came from or what significance they have. Just that we've seen them in endless places.

  • at this point almost every important question has been touched on if youve been paying attention and/or played the LOST Experience game…im tired of people asking about the women not getting pregnant and questions like that…(a hydrogen bomb went off, try carrying a baby full term while swimming in radiation…)
    I am really just wanting to know who was the first island protector, who were the islands first people (which will explain the statue), and was flocke the first smoke monster (remember the hieroglyphics and MIB's “Mom” hallucination?).

  • rose, bernard, and vincent, are just chillin in their secret spot on the island…wherever that is. they're retired 🙂

  • Dave

    I actually think they are the ones who got Desmond out of the well. We shall see though.

  • that is a great theory, i never thought of that

  • Nada Nuff

    The children. Why were the children kidnapped? What did they do to Aaron when he was kidnapped? Why did they want Walt so bad? And, most importantly, where are they now?

  • they were kidnapped because the radiation made it impossible for women to carry full term…how else were they going to repopulate? they never had aaron, that was danielle that took him. and now aaron is with his gma and MIB killed everyone that didnt go with him at the temple and has probably killed them all by now

  • Dave

    I think this is all but confirmed to be Juliet. And my guess is her and Sawyer will meet at the ball everyone is going to, and Juliet will say the line that we heard way back on the first episode.

  • Jillian

    I picked three questions for LOST to answer and they already wrapped them up. So I'm coasting to the end a happy girl.

    a. what was the four toed statue? –saw it
    b. who were Adam & Eve? -BSM and crazy woman who raised him
    c. why did the Others force Sawyer and Kate to smash rocks? –they were building a runway for the second plane.

    Now I can relax and enjoy the show. Well done, LOST!

  • Sean

    What was with the Polar Bears?

  • crystalinad

    You were right!!!!!

  • crystalinad

    It was for Darma. They were experimenting.

  • crystalinad

    I need no answers. I am a happy camper.

  • …really?

  • great I actually think they are the ones who got Desmond out of the well. We shall see though.
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