Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Television’s Most Boring Couples

These two should have been Wisteria Lane’s supercouple. Instead, we’re voting them Couple Most Likely To Get Fast-Forwarded Through. Every single time the show has had a chance to make Mike and Susan a root-for couple again, they’ve blown it.

Serena and Dan, GOSSIP GIRL
To be honest, we don’t much care for Serena with anyone. But with Nate, there was at least a bit of a spark… plus, it gave the woefully underused Chace Crawford something to do. Serena and Dan were a snoozefest from the get go and nothing’s changed since.

John and Marty, ONE LIFE TO LIVE
John is a brooding cop. Marty is a brooding psychiatrist. Lesson to be learned from their pairing: Two brooders don’t breed much excitement among fans. Fortunately, he’s got a fiesty, fiery redhead named Natalie waiting in the wings. Cue the end of John and Marty in 3… 2… 1… 

Sookie and Bill, TRUE BLOOD
We like Sookie. We like Bill. But together? Not so much. We’d much rather see Sookie with smokin’ vamp Eric and Bill with, well, someone else. Oh, who cares. As long as we get lots, lots more of Hoyt and Jessica, we’re totally on board.

Will and Emma, GLEE
Maybe it’s that she’s simply too quirky. Maybe it’s that he’s way too big a wuss. But while we once longed for these two to form a duet, they’ve been a one-note letdown for weeks now. Move along, kids, nothin’ to see here.

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  • Linda B.

    My first thought when I clicked on this link was Mike and Susan from DH. snoozefest! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………

  • Linda B.

    To add: I think the problem is that Susan is annoying and Mike is such a wuss. Putting them together doesn't help these facts.

  • Yep, I agree Mike and Susan are awful together. It's sad, because the writers think they are the couple that everyone roots for. Serena and Dan couldn't agree more. The actors date in real life, but they make a dull couple on GG. One pairing you should have added is Teddy & Silver on 90210. Now they definitely should make the cut for most boring couple!

  • Muriel

    LOL. Nate and Serena have ZERO chemistry and substance. At least I could see a genuine love connection/story with DS. Serena treats N like crap and N is more obsessed with saving Jenny and surpressing his very obvious feelings for her. DS/NJ ALL THE WAY.

    Will and Emma have BARELY had a chance to progress. Jeez. Give them a break.

  • Yvo

    Sookie and Bill bore me. I am a fan of the Charlaine Harris books that True Blood is based on, and I really hope Alan Ball takes his interpretation of the stories in the Sookie/Eric direction…Alexander Skarsgård is way underused in this series so far.

  • Amy_D259

    Defin. agree with DH and GG
    -I actually like Mike but Susan is just so irritating that it brings him down with her.
    -In the books Serena and Dan are the main focus and I think that the show expected the same but they are just so dull.

  • sanen85

    I completely agree with this list, and I don't even watch Gossip Girl. Also, can I just say again how great it is that you include soaps in these things?

  • joshemerson

    I think the reason I don't care at all about Will and Emma is that those two tend to be by far my least favorite people on Glee. If they both disappeared and never made another episode, I would be happy. They can go off with Terri never to be seen again.

  • Brian

    In defense of Will and Emma, I think their quirks mesh togather well, if the ham fisted writing keeping them apart for contrived reasons weren't keeping them apart, they'd be more interesting. I've only found their story frustrating when they've been kept apart against all logic this year.
    I wouldn't bother to point this out if I wasn't a big Gleek, don't misunderstand!

  • fran

    I agree with John and Marty but not all the rest. i love all the rest. Especially Will and Emma and Susan and Mike, Um Finn and Rachel are the horrid Glee couple

  • athena0606

    i totally agree especially about #4

  • Nick

    Sweet mother, ANY couple on 90210 could make this list. Silver/Teddy is unbearable, as is Adrianna/Navid, Liam/Naomi (for different reasons), Harry/Deb (wow, hate much?), Dixon and anyone… Sadly, the most interesting couple was Annie and Jasper the psycho.

    While I'm at it, may I add ALL couples on One Tree Hill, as well. A.L.L. For the love of Moses, please bring back Dan and Deb.

  • Julia

    To my mind, the most boring couple : LEYTON ! ( OTH )
    They were so boring, thanks god we don't see them again even though I would love to see Brooke & Lucas together again …
    Julian&Brooke is a boring couple too .

  • Monica

    I agree about One Life´s John and Marty,but not about John and Natalie.Jolie is coma indused! The only John pairing that acctually worked was him and Blair Daimler-Cramer.And she belongs on your Best-Soap-Couples list with Elijah.Are those two hot or what?