“Death, destruction, and jaw-dropping cliffhangers… Oh, what a night of season finales!” Or at least that’s what we would be saying had real life not gotten in the way. Which is why we’re yet again turning it over to you — our far smarter and better looking readers — to post away with your spoiler free take on last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY, BONES, FRINGE, COMMUNITY, PARKS AND RECREATION, THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK. Did they live up to the hype?

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  • rynogeny

    Bones pretty much lost the plot last night. They’re saying they did the time jump as a way of shaking things up, but since they just did that in the 100th ep, this was about resetting the show to before this season. A year’s separation will allow them to put emotional distance from things this year. Specifically, they can try to find their way back to how things were a few seasons ago when it was all UST and nothing serious, which seems to be what the writers want.

    And maybe that’s not a bad thing, though I probably won’t be watching. It’s clear they’re not going to let them get together before the end of the show, and that’s fine. It’s their show, their choice.

    But then they should never have done what they did this season. Shouldn’t have had him think he was in love with her post-coma, and really shouldn’t have gone the route they did in the 100th.

    Newsflash: Sexual tension can be resolved in more ways than just sex…like when one person rejects the other. When they talk about it and decide not to go there. It’s over. There’s no more wondering, no more UST — there’s nothing unresolved when they’ve decided not to do it.

    People assume ‘will they/won’t they’ has only two possibilities: ‘yes’ and ‘not yet.’ But in reality, there are three: ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and ‘not yet.’ And the 100th decided that question with ‘no.’ I get they could change their minds, but the way they’ve played it so far, it was no.

    Thus the UST is over. But that’s a problem due to the perception that people only watch the show for that reason. So the only option is either to let them change their minds — not happening next season, at least not early in the season, according to Emily Deschanel — or to find a way to reset the show to before they let things change too much, to before they let them decide not to go there.

    I loved this season, right up until the finale. But then they hit the reset button, and I’m bored now.

  • Ace

    I stuck w/ FOX last night, so Bones and Fringe. Obviously, there are spoilers below, so stop reading if you haven't watched yet.

    I'm sure I'm not alone in being annoyed by Bones. (1) What kid tells their dad to go to a war zone? Also, pretty sure FBI agents save lifes by catching killers so they don't kill again… (2) Booth and Bones didn't even hug when they aren't going to see each other for a year? Really? (3) Sweets and Daisy just got ENGAGED like a month ago. You should not have to ask someone to “wait for you” while you go do your dream job for a year if you are planning on spending the rest of your life w/ them. Lamo.

    As for Fringe, it was good except for the “twist” could be seen from 10 miles away. But it puts the characters in an interesting position for the start of season 3, which I guess is more important than surprise.

  • Haven't watched BONES yet, and more than likely won't get to it until Monday night when I'm home… but just watched FRINGE and I'm going to completely agree with you Ace that while predictable, the ending was still effective, fun and more than enough to keep me counting down the days until the third season premiere.

  • Hil

    Fringe was awesome. I knew immediately that it was the wrong Olivia (Olivinot? Alt!Olivia? Evilia?) but it wasn't until the end that I realized that it stuck and has the potential of lasting more than an episode going into next season. It was pretty gutsy to do that to the main character too. Is it Fall yet?

  • Grey's Anatomy – probably the best episode of the series.

  • I'm really regretting being five episodes behind on GREY's after cautiously perusing the headlines with regards to last night's finale. Probably should have elected to catch up on GREY's rather than PRIVATE PRACTICE. Guess I bet on the wrong horse. C'est La Vie!

  • Robert

    A game changer that didn't seem pointless to me. It was a draining Grey's finale but so well executed. I wish I could've been on the set while they were filming so I could observe these actors.

  • Linda B.

    Draining, what a perfect description of last night's Grey's. It was so intense and never seemed to let up. TVa – you need to spend this weekend catching up on GA. I agree it was probably one of the best episodes the show has ever had.

  • shanna

    I sobbed, bawled and beat my head against the wall. Draining doesn't even encompass it.