LOST Series Finale: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good: What started with an eye opening pilot (in every sense of the word) ended with an eye closing — and our favorite story-telling device “the bookend” — as Jack died a heroic death, successfully defeating Ol’Smokey, single-handidly saving humanity from an uncorked island of evil, and in doing so, allowing for Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Miles, Richard and Frank to escape in one piece. Add to that a fitting end (or beginning if you will) for Hurley (aka. the “New Jacob”) who was left as the island’s protector (with a redemptive Ben Linus as his number two), a much-anticipated homage to The Lion King confrontation between Jack and Locke who finally took the gloves off in a fight to the death on the edge of a cliff (Cue Hans Zimmer score in 3… 2… 1…), a stop-over with a happy Rose, Bernard and Vincent doing their best impersonation of The Swiss Family Robinson, and a flurry of flashbacks/character reunions (Sawyer and Juliet FTW!) that highlighted some of the show’s most memorable moments, and fans were left with a super-sized love letter to those of us who had invested six years of our life into this unforgettable odyssey.

The Bad: Assuming of course you’ve been paying attention to what showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been saying these past few seasons — that the show is about character, not story — there is very little to nitpick with regards to the finale. But since nitpicking is kind of what we do here, we’ll just say the following: First and foremost, Jack’s initial slow motion attack at Locke on the cliff was more befitting a John Woo flick and oddly out of place in the world of LOST. And more importantly, we for one are were a little disappointed that the ending involved — as fans have theorized from day one — a form of purgatory (or pre-heaven). With the flash-sideways universe being revealed as little more than a holding place for our favorite characters to get their own bizarro version of a happily-ever-after.

The Ugly: The fact that being stuck on the West Coast this weekend, we had no choice but to watch the entire four and a half hour event (two-hour clip fest + finale) completely 100% DVR/PVR free! And try as they might, not even the brilliant LOST-inspired Target ads could remedy commercial after commercial, after commercial.

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  • Dave

    Have to say I really loved the finale. I thought it was perfect. I would have loved more answers, and really am frustrated we learn nothing about Eloise and Widmore, but the show is questions. With nothing but answers we would have little to talk and speculate on and the show wouldn't be what it is. Perfect ending in my book.

  • cam3150

    I loved the finale! It was a beautifully done episode and one that required many kleenex on my on my part. Each “awakening” sequence got to me more and more. It was completely kick a$$ until the last 10 minutes which was a slight wtf? moment. But the more I process it, the more I think it a wonderful way to end everything.
    I love that they all meant so much to each other that they couldn't “move on” until the group was complete with those that were ready (and with those actors who were willing to return). I love that they really did all end up together. Even those that got off the island and went on to live their lives obviously never had experiences that meant more to them than their island lives.

    Everyone has been saying all along that this show was much more about the people and the connections than the island mysteries so I kinda figured we'd end it on a more emotional level than a scientific one.
    We know enough about the island, We know how it works and we know that it will just go on existing and being protected, just with no evil force now, thanks to Jack and Kate killing Smokey.

    Just to nitpick….the flash sideways was only introduced this season. It was the only “purgatory” existence. The rest of it, island, flash forwards, flashbacks were real. I'm sure that's what you meant but you said 'years” so I just though I'd just point that out 🙂

  • Dave

    Yeah I think a lot of people are mad cause they think that everything was fake and they were always dead. It's really just the flash sideways world.

  • Linda B.

    I loved it as well. Very emotional. And, I'd like to add that if Vincent laying down beside a dying Jack at the end did not choke people up, then they have no soul. I was already teary eyed, but after seeing that, I lost it. (no pun intended 😉

  • How did people speculate “for years” on the sideways U intro'd just this season?

  • cam3150

    I know, and I really am not understanding how anyone could come that conclusion. Did they even watch the show?? I've even read that people think everyone died during the atom bomb and that Jack was seeing the oceanic plane at the end. WTF?

    They may not have spelled things out 1. 2. 3. but if you paid attention at all, especially to the Christian/Jack exchange at the end, it all makes sense.

  • I loved every second of it, and got to watch it without a single commercial, so I can go as far as to say I may have enjoyed it more than most of the people who watched it live.
    I was worried when I decided to watch the show that I would get bored if it was all character based and not story based, but as it turned out, it was the characters that made this show awesome.

  • Didn't mean the “Flash Sideways” rather the whole show, which fans have often speculated was a form of purgatory. Would type more but about to board a plane back to Toronto. Will talk later all! Assuming I don't crash on a mysterious island. Of course if I do, it will be really spooky having just typed this. Fingers crossed.

  • Agreed!

  • cam3150

    Somehow you MUST try to watch the completely awesome Target ads that aired during the finale. So, so, so clever and wonderful! Those *almost* made it worth sitting through the 45 minutes worth of commercials last night. Ugh.

  • cam3150

    I read somewhere that the dog who played Vincent is Matthew Fox's real dog. Anybody know if that's true? That was an awesome, beautiful moment. Jack didn't die alone!!

  • Ace

    We started it about a half hour late, so we eventually caught up with the commercials. In retrospect, I wish we had just started it so late that we wouldn't catch any. They really took you out of all the dramatic moments.

    But as for the finale itself, I'm pretty happy with it. There were definitely some plot holes (the biggest of which being the Sayid and Shannon reunion…really, you guys knew each other for a month and dated for two days!). I'm in the minority of people that has always liked Jack as the guy that is trying his hardest to help people. It was great to see him finally succeed last night. And watching Hurley get to take over? Just perfect.

    And I agree with the others about the purgatory thing. I have no idea how people thought it was the whole show that they had been dead (which they actually said on Good Morning America this morning…on ABC). Christian even said something like “time has no meaning here” which implied to me that all of these people died at different times.

  • well arent you super cool…why does not watching the ads mean you enjoyed it more? by that logic i should say the coconut cake i ate last night made me love the ending more than you

  • Dave

    Yeah it pretty much meant Jack who died now, and Hurley who for all purposes could die 1000 years after Jack but they can both be there at the same time. Because there is no now there.

    I thought Christian pretty much spelled it out.

  • Ace

    Especially paired with Kate saying “I've missed you so much” to Jack. Once it was revealed that they were dead, I figured she lived a long time after Jack.

  • Amy_D259

    I didn't love it as much as I thought I would.
    I was someone who cared a whole lot about the characters and only a little bit about the mysteries and even I got a little peeved.
    While I agree with everything in The Good column the fact that the sideways universe thing was only a waiting place or whatever annoyed my greatly.
    I can't believe that this was the big thing Desmond knew about. Kind of disappointed.

  • As someone who almost never sits through ads thanks to my PVR/DVR, I will tell you, being forced to sit through them definitely took away from the experience.

  • half an hour late, rookie mistake! Tip for the future: Just to be safe I like to start hour long shows a good 15-20 minutes in!

  • Just thought I'd post a note, that rather than lose more money at slots sitting here in the Las Vegas airport, I amended my post to hopefully make things more clear.

    To clarify, as was stated in the show. What happened, happened. I just did find it interesting that the ending reunion in essence was somewhat similar to what fans speculated from day one. Island = purgatory, albeit not exactly. I suppose I was hoping for a different type of answer for the flash-sideways, but perhaps that's just me wishing to see many of my favorite characters live happily-ever-after instead of simply dead.

  • Ace

    We started late b/c we weren't home. We went to a Lost party for part of it, but really wanted to watch the finale from the comfort of our own house (so I could cry in peace!). And it took us a 1/2 hour to get home. 🙂 I don't think I could have resisted starting it if I were home at start time.

  • Linda B.

    I started an hour late and finished all 4.5 hrs 2 minutes after they ended.

    I missed all the Target ads (will have to go back and check those out), but loved the fan messages that they kept showing during the LOST retrospect.

  • Nick

    The more people talk about fast-forwarding thru commercials, it's gonna kill the TV industry. I'm speakin' the truth, folks. If you do it, keep it to yourself. How'd you like to be a TV advertiser reading this stuff?

  • athena0606

    yeah i got that too that they were kinda waiting for there loves to join them. which i thought was beautiful

  • TVFan

    THANK YOU for mentioning Sayid and Shannon Ace! A bit of a stretch if you ask me.

  • Monkey

    The final scene, the plane wreckage, I assumed was the plane Lapidus(?) was flying our group in & thats how they died. Am I completly way off base??

  • that highlights some of the most memorable moments of the series, fans were left with a love letter super-great for those of us who had invested six years of our life in this unforgettable odyssey.

  • Ace

    Monkey — Darlton have actually said that the footage of the plane wreckage was just a tribute to the show, not part of the finale. So, no, it was not the Ajira flight. They managed to confuse a lot of people with that 10 second clip.

  • Bobbo

    The only complete episode I have ever seen of Lost was the Series Finale one and I thought it was terrible. Boy, am I glad I never wasted my time watching this show!

    But fans of the show rejoyce! There will probably be a Lost movie in which the cast goes through “The Light” and they find themselves back on the Island right after the original crash.

  • Just build the ads into the shows with even more product placement

  • How can you possibly comment in this thread having seen only 1 of the 120 episodes?? Fail!

  • Sheindie

    Sayid with Shannon made sense – he could be 'a man in love' with her, without baggage. Had he been w. Nadia, he'd have been 'the torturer' – He felt like a 'good guy' and whole with Shannon.

  • Stubbies

    I totally agree. The story was always more about the characters than the plot for me too, but the problem with this season was that the character moments were extremely weak and far between. In previous seasons, characters developed and changed in all but the worst episodes. This season there was very little character development at all until the end, unless you count Jacob and the MIB, who were both so unlikable that I couldn't even be forced to care about them. Since the season focused on these two characters, it felt almost self-contained to me, detached from the rest of the series. I thought things would somehow come full-circle in the flash-sideways, but the fact that it turned out to be purgatory made it inconsequential. There are too many internal inconsistencies for the flash-sideways to be satisfying. If this was supposed to be the place that they made so that they could be together before they passed into the next life, then what's the point of them not knowing one another? Also, the whole “let's bring the entire cast back together for the final moments of the finale” concept is such a cliche, overworked audience-pleaser. I honestly held the writers to higher standards than that.

    What a disappointing final season to what could have been one of the greatest television series of all time…
    At least I can still re-watch seasons 1-5.

  • I said that I may have enjoyed it more simply because every single reviewer said the ads, except the Target ones, were pissing off. Also, think about it, without breaks, your mind is set on the episode for the full one hour and 40 minutes, no interruptions, no loss of train of thought. I used to watch shows with ads before, so I do know both sides.

  • meamsuperman

    I hate Lost.

  • Tarathemis

    I loved “Lost”, up until the series finale. On a personal level, I consider myself a neo-Pagan and am quite interested in all things metaphysical; as an ending for a complex, multi-layered story that I have invested in…. NOT SO MUCH.