TV Ratings: Sunday May 23, 2010 (LOST found by a season high number of viewers)

Source: MediaWeek, Viewers: in millions
Time Network Show Viewers 18-49
8PM ABC Lost: The Final Journey 10.09 4.1/12
CBS Brooks & Dunn: The Last Rodeo 8.79 1.4/4
FOX The Simpsons 5.73 2.5/8
NBC Minute To Win It 5.01 1.5/4
8:30PM FOX Cleveland Show 4.90 2.3/7
9PM ABC Lost 13.09 5.6/15
CBS Brooks & Dunn: The Last Rodeo 10.80 2.0/5
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 8.40 3.0/8
FOX Family Guy 6.12 3.0/8
9:30PM FOX Family Guy 6.38 3.2/8
10PM ABC Lost 13.08 5.7/15
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 10.31 3.7/10
CBS CSI (R) 6.75 1.3/3

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  • Nick

    There are some wild fluctuations in numbers being tossed about for several shows last night. Suffice to say, people with a brain were tuned to ABC.

    It's both sad and puzzling to read the comments on Nielsen's site, trying to minimize the ratings and popularity of Lost. Do these people not realize that Lost represents quality “scripted programming,” and that if we continue to tear down shows like that, they'll cease to be offered by the networks? Lost was a gift to TV fans, and these blog commenters think it's cool to spit on it.

    I remember a time when people watched TV for the greatness of the show, and didn't give a crap or thought about “how the numbers were” the next morning. People are so negative about everything anymore; they need to be shoved down the Lost hole with Smokey.

  • Looks like the people who usually Tivo LOST tuned in last night.

  • irishjoe

    I gave up on Lost during Season 2, but I have to admit, following all the hype and publicity, I kinda expected bigger numbers for the last ever episode…

  • Hil

    Looks like the fans of the show tuned in for Lost which is why it lined up pretty good with its normal weekly combined totals. I'm cool with that. It wasn't the type of show where you could just watch one episode and get much out of it anyway. It was never “the mystery of Lost was ______” that you could show up for the last episode and discover no matter how much the media and those who dropped out after the first season seemed to assume.

    On the other hand, wtf Brooks & Dunn? You were doing your Last Rodeo back when I was in middle school. Just shows the huge age gap and the older generation actually watching things real time. Sorta how CD sales winners tend to be for the music old folk listen to since they still buy CDs.

  • Schwa044

    Where is Watch /DVR/ Pass?

  • Schwa044,
    My apologies for the inconsistent posting this weekend. Had a rare “real life” event this weekend that seriously got in the way of my blogging duties. Rest assured we'll be back to regularly schedule programming tomorrow.

  • TVFan

    I for one never got the discussion surrounding “Lost's” ratings. When the show was on a set six year journey, who cares how many people watched!

  • Schwa044

    That seems totally reasonable. 🙂