Are COUGAR TOWN & NEW CHRISTINE a match made in timeslot heaven? We make the case!

With rumors running rampant that the team behind THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE are feverishly working behind-the-scenes to ensure their highly underrated sitcom finds a new home on ABC after being unceremoniously dumped by CBS after five seasons of consistent laughter, we thought now might be as good a time as any to remind the Alphabet Network just how much Old Christine and Jules have in common. See our handy little chart, scientific proof if you will, after the jump.

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    YES YES YES — I second the motion!

  • joshemerson

    It really is surprising how similar the shows are! I'd love ABC to pick it up.

    I don't like the gay teenage son part of your chart though. There's no reason to think that either kid is gay just because of an overbearing mother. Gay is something you are born as, not raised as!

  • Josh,

    Great point! Poor attempt at humour on my part. Apologies to anyone who may have been offended.

  • TheRealCT

    There's no apology necessary! First of all, let's face it, we've all thought it. LOL. But more importantly, while it's true that people are born gay, it's also true that more than a few wind up pretending not to be. Especially at the age of both of those young men. Just ask former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, Larry Craig or the homophobe recently caught traveling with a companion hired at!

  • Josh

    I cannot stand that damn show. Christine may in fact be the most annoying person on TV. I simultaneously hope this show just dies and that it gets renewed so Julia Louis-Dreyfus won't get a new show.