Must Read TV: GLEE, LOST, 24 & More!

• Just Jack finally makes it to Broadway, as Sean Hayes gets set to host this year’s Tony Awards.
• Clock runs out on 24, which according to the LA TIMES goes out on a high note.
• Interesting claim: LOST ruined by its own fans!
• Plot hole of the week: Why were Penny and Desmond in the chapel?
• Awards Watch: Matthew Fox, Alexander Skarsgard, Matt Bomer, Bryan Cranston, and John Hamm drop by The Hollywood Reporter for an Emmy Roundtable.
• Sue Sylvester 2012! GLEE earns a third (yes, third!) season pickup from FOX.
• Still not ready to let go? @TheTVShowGirl’s Instant Dharma is a highly entertaining critics roundup of the LOST finale.

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  • Nick

    I don't quite get how the writer thinks Lost was “ruined” by its own fans. Although I think the fans can ruin the whole Lost experience by trashing the finale now.

    That said, I can agree with the many writers who content the fans DO deserve more answers. Sure, we know this is a fictional world, but just tell us what the writers were “thinking” when they penned the multitude of mysteries that we love about the show. The promise (hoped for) of satisfying resolution to those fascinating/intriguing things is what kept us tuning in for 6 years.

    No, very little was “answered” in the finale, but Darlton can still satisfy the loyal fans with answers to our burning questions. We really are owed that much.

  • Linda B.

    To answer why were Desmond and Penny in the chapel? – Didn't they say that the people in the chapel were the ones who felt the island was the most significant part of their life? Desmond was on the island for a long time, and Penny spent all the time searching for him, so I think this justifies their inclusion. I am still a little upset that Vincent was not there. I guess he's in his own doggie heaven. 🙂

  • Ace

    Linda – I was looking for Vincent too! And I get that Eloise wanted to keep Daniel from moving on at that point, so he and Charolette weren't there. But what about Miles?? He was on the island for 3 years w/ Sawyer and Juliet!

  • WOOHOO on Glee getting a Third Season Pick-up!