Today’s TV Addict Top 5: CT’s Best Moments from THE BACHELORETTE’s Season Premiere

The Backflip
Here’s hoping Jason cleared that move with the producers. Otherwise, I can only imagine a few of them having coronaries at the thought of a contestant breaking his neck. Two words: Liability. Insurance.

The “Right Reasons” Box
At this point, the folks behind the scenes of this show know that the audience isn’t actually looking for Ali to find love. Instead, most are turning in for the drama. So why not crank it up by having a bunch of semi-intoxicated, desperate-for-attention guys secretly vote on which one of them isn’t there for the right reasons? Despite the show’s attempt to make it look as if someone else might be the “winner”, it seemed pretty obvious the wrestler would get the most votes. Good for Ali for keeping him… the guy actually comes off as a lot more genuine than some of his haters.

The Silliest Line Ever
“If you don’t get a rose tonight, it’s not personal,” said Ali before the final rose ceremony. Um, honey, of course it’s personal! If it’s not, then you’re the one who isn’t there for the right reasons!

Derrick, a word of advice, if we may: Never, ever tell a woman you’re hoping will give you a “first-impression” rose that you earned the nickname Shooter because you’re a premature ejaculator. To be honest, kinda seems like the sort of thing we shouldn’t have to tell you, but…

Craig’s hair
What. The. Hell.

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  • Nick

    Good lord, woman…don't encourage people to watch this show.