TV Ratings: Monday May 24, 2010 (24 and LAW & ORDER clock out with a whimper)

Source: MediaWeek, Viewers: in millions
Time Network Show Viewers 18-49
8PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 19.08 4.0/12
FOX 24 8.36 2.6/8
CBS How I Met Your Mother 8.17 3.5/11
NBC Chuck 5.06 1.8/5
CW Gossip Girl (R) 898,000 0.4/1
8:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement 8.23 3.3/9
9PM CBS Two and a Half Men 15.37 5.0/13
ABC The Bachelorette 10.46 3.0/8
FOX 24 9.00 2.8/7
NBC Chuck 5.06 1.8/5
CW One Tree Hill (R) 570,000 0.2/1
9:30PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 14.78 5.2/13
10PM CBS CSI: Miami 12.38 3.2/9
ABC The Bachelorette 8.63 2.8/8
NBC Law & Order 7.60 1.9/5

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  • Ace

    Geez. Apparently a lot of people were like me and too exhausted from staying up late for Lost to watch TV last night. Poor Chuck!

  • Kinda sad that 24 did not go out bigger.

    I stopped watching the show seasons ago, but still DVR'd it last night just for memory sake.

    Wondering if a lot of people did the same thing, as like Ace said, some might have been too tired from Lost on Sunday.

  • Nick

    In the few minutes I turned on CBS to half-heartedly watch BBT, I was again reminded that…Charlie Sheen is the most overpaid person, not just on TV–but on the planet; is not funny in any way; and is aging badly. Also reaffirmed that Americans simply have zero taste or intelligence.

  • Nick

    May it also be noted that Jon Cryer has won an Emmy; Sheen has been nominated the past 4 years (!) for an Emmy; and Matthew Fox has NEVER been nominated for an Emmy.

    Dear Emmy Academy: You realize you have zero credibility, right? None.