Must Read TV: DEXTER, CBS, CHUCK & More!

• FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS touches down on ABC Family, which picks up the syndication rights to seasons one thru five this fall.
• CBS finally announces an airdate for FLASHPOINT and THE BRIDGE. Bad News: Dumping both shows on Friday and Saturday nights respectively.
• It’s Alive! DEXTER resurrects **l** *e**
• Chuck co-creator vs Sepinwall, as Chris Fedak gets grilled on the third season finale.
• From the department of somebody has too much time on their hands, College Humor rattles off 100 unanswered LOST questions.

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  • Nick

    If Darlton will answer those 100 questions alone (not that there aren't 100 others we'd like solved, too), there will be a lot more happy Lost fans. Give us some mythology closure, in addition to the character closure, guys.

  • grumpiestoldman

    Isn't that the girl with the bad implants that was on Desperate Housewives this past season and stole our beautiful Dana Delaney from my TV?

  • Dave

    Also Lost finale sets torrent download records.

  • Am really curious as to how they are going to bring her back on Dexter. Hopefully it is not something that is overly played out, because I really enjoy that show.