This Year’s AMERICAN IDOL Winner is… Twitter!

It’s official: Like mustard on a hot dog, TV is just better with Twitter. Especially when we’re talking about a really long and overblown AMERICAN IDOL finale which was made almost (operative word here being almost) bearable thanks to our twitter stream. No really, if AMERICAN IDOL was even a fraction as entertaining as our twitter stream, well, let’s just say we’re starting to see what CBS was thinking when they decided to turn @sh*tmydadsays into a sitcom. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our favorite funny followers after the jump.

@HitFixDaniel: I can’t tell what Hogwarts dorm Lee DeWyze is pledging tonight, but I think that’s the look he’s going for.

@hitfixdaniel: Have you ever stopped to ponder what could possibly be worse than a two-hour “Idol” finale? Enter DANE COOK!

@mytakeontv: Accidentally turned to AMERICAN IDOL and I’m in pain.

@zap2itbrill: Idol finale: Oh, Katie Stevens. Put. It. Away. Who do you think you are? Miley Cyrus

@thetvaddict: When did AMERICAN IDOL become EZ Rock?

@RoushTVGuideMag: Ryan admits they’re selling discounted tickets to Idol tour. Maybe if they gave them away? Nah. Not after this display.

@tapeworthy: #Idol Lord, only 1 more hour until this mess is done and we can finally concentrate on #SYTYCD.

@brianstelter: This finale feels a bit like paint-by-numbers to me. Anyone disagree?

@realityblurred: @brianstelter If you mean paint by numbers in a nursing home, then yes, that’s it exactly.

@GailPennington: I like the “Willy Wonka” song in the AT&T commercial better than anything I’ve heard on #Idol tonight.

@junkiecat: @DamianTVGuideMg Is the AARP a new Sponsor of Idol? #Idolfinale

@MattMtvguy: Bruce Vilanch, we need you NOW. #wordsithoughtidneversay

@DamianTVGuideMg: Paula on my TV: just got a contact high

@robmoynihan: Ladies and gentlemen, Broadway’s “special guest stars” for the rest of time #idolfinale

@poniewozik: Favorite part of #Idol was where the former contestants all got together on stage, then walked through the glowing door to heaven.

@BonesFan021: @DamianTVGuideMg That is Janet Jackson right? Did she come out and I totally missed it?

@rural_juror: Good to see Janet Jackson is taking style tips from Morena Baccarin’s Anna. #AmericanIdol #VSeries

@weinmanj: I was surprised to discover that THE X-FACTOR was actually a sideways alternate universe created by Simon to work off his guilt

@rural_juror: Lee: “What would you do if I sang out of tune…”
Me: *giggles* “What do you mean *IF*?” #AmericanIdol #MAMASOXFTW

@MattMtvguy: Whomever wins, can we have Hurley take their place?

@HitFixGregory: The American people are officially idiots. It will be Lee – who? In 2 years.

Oh, and for those who actually do care. Lee DeWyze is this year’s AMERICAN IDOL.

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  • Linda B.

    Love the Willy Wonka and Hurley comments. 🙂

  • Cause I gotta tout myself so much, you missed my own personal fave (from about 9:30pm) “Wikipedia already has Crystal as the winner. haha. #Idol And the viewing audience as the loser.”

  • Ace

    I don't even watch Idol but those tweets were making me laugh last night. Esp MattMtvguy and weinmanj. I'm a sucker for a good Lost joke.

  • too bad… but that's meant to be. something is meant for crystal, one way or the other 😀