An ALIAS Reboot, Seriously? Why ABC is in danger of becoming the next NBC!

Stop us if this sounds familiar.

Rather than take the time and money to develop a uniquely original hit TV show from scratch, rumor has it that a major network is in talks to reboot a beloved series from the past.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What TV show from my childhood is NBC going to tarnish next?!” Well, as it turns out, the network that has a history of taking the easy way out (see: BIONIC WOMAN and KNIGHT RIDER) isn’t the culprit. Rather — the guilty party here is ABC — who thanks to a series of curious moves is looking more and more like NBC’s heir apparent. (Note: Not a good thing)

Turns out, much in the same way in which the Peacock Network had trouble developing a hit to follow FRIENDS — even after they transplanted Joey into a short-lived series of his very own, ABC has had equally bad luck replicating the success of LOST (see: THE NINE, FLASHFORWARD, among others). Which is probably why E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos is reporting today that the Alphabet Network is in very early discussions to reboot the J.J. Abrams action-adventure ALIAS in what some (okay, we) might call a last ditch effort to hold onto its very valuable LOST audience.

What’s worse, the similarities to NBC don’t end there as evidence by some of the big names tapped to headline many of the Alphabet Network’s new fall shows. Elisha Cuthbert! Dana Delany! Rob Morrow! This just in: the hiring of top-line talent regardless of project is no longer reserved for shows executive produced by former Peacock President Jeff Zucker.

Look ABC, we sympathize. Clearly it has been quite some time since you developed a drama series that lasted more than a season (or in the case of HAPPY TOWN, two episodes) Which is why we thought we’d remind you — you know, before you go too far down that rabbit hole — the one irrefutable characteristic the likes of GREY’S ANATOMY, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and LOST all had in common.

An original voice.

In other-words, STOP wasting your valuable time talking reboot and re-imaginations and go find yourself the next Shonda Rhimes, Damon Lindelof and/or Marc Cherry. You can thank us later in the form of a cushy executive producer credit.

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  • Wow, this might just be the worst idea I’ve ever heard…as much as I loved the original, I say don’t ruin the memory of a show that just ended a few short years ago.

  • Abby

    They tried the same thing with Cupid. It’s WAY too soon after the original to be considering this.

  • brian

    NBC already did this took a few seasons but Chuck is basically now Alias, with less “Rembaldi” and more comedy.

  • ewanspotter


  • joshemerson

    Isn't that a really recent show to be rebooting?

    V is a series that is lasting more than a season though.

  • kammie78

    Ack. No. Please, do not ruin Alias by trying to reboot it.

  • SaneN85

    Referring to Alias as a show from anyone who is on this site's childhood is making me feel really ancient at 25.

  • hurleyrama

    so…they all died in the plane crash in the pilot?

  • While I totally agree with what you're saying, I'm someone who has such love for Alias that I will give this a shot anyway. Of course…this would be the THIRD new spy series for fall, if it happened that fast.

  • Sara

    I would rather them just re-air ALIAS as is then attempt to redo it!

  • todd

    I will so watch teh new Alias !! do it NBC!!

  • R. Castle

    Why someone would like to do a remake of a show that was a rip-off of La Femme Nikita? And they are doing a remake of Nikita, too? GO AND WATCH NIKITA, for god sake. It was superb, it has aged beautifully.

  • HH

    If anybody wants to reboot a show it should be MOONLIGHT!!

  • facebook-632665612

    I think it depends on what “reboot” exactly means.

    IMO it's not a bad idea…ABC might be at a place where they can have more serialized detialed story archs with in a TV series and not completely fail. (which I prefere think pieces and multiple genre to the everyday comedy, or action piece)

    Alot of, people, myself included, really miss granted it would be competing with JJ's “Undercovers”, which would be a little weird, but I still think something realted or familuar is better than completey fresh as we see how quick FF sank.

    I think reboots actually can't hurt a series. Every fan has the option to watch it or not, accept the new material or not. So those who don't like it don't need to bother with the hate…it shouldn't matter to you if you are a satisified fan, but for those who would like to try it, how is that really hurting you, or what you loved about it?? -Why ruin something for somebody else when you already accept that it is not for you??? There is no point in being a critque because you're already done.

  • Gigikikius

    Skeptics go straight to Hell. I just rubbed my Jeannie Jar and my Jeannie popped out. My wish was that your skin shrivel to the consistency of a pork rind & that your eyelids turn to toenails with a hang nail so that it scratches your eyeball each time you blink. Douche bags. This is the best news I've heard since May 22, 2006. Bring it on JJ & ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Miss you Jack & Sydney Bristow!!