Must Read TV: SOAPnet, DEXTER, HBO & More!

• DaytimeTV gets stabbed in the back! In a shocking turn of events Disney/ABC Television Group shocks the world by murdering SOAPnet and replacing it with its evil younger long-lost twin Disney Junior.
• From the department of where are they now, Julia Stiles is being wooed by DEXTER.
• Something to blog about, Diane Keaton and Ellen Page sign on to HBO’s TILDA.
• Making us feel better about how much time we watch television, comes the guy who compiled this list of everything Tracy Jordan said on 30 ROCK last season.
• Live from the Chicago Comedy Festival it’s Conan O’Brien’s… writers, who along with Andy Richter will tape a TBS comedy special entitled “Team Coco presents Conan’s Writers Live” for broadcast on July 27.

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  • Dave

    Really can't wait for Dexter! I'm thinking stiles will either be a social worker, or maybe a temp replacement for Dexter while he may be a suspect. I think the blood anylist replacement would make for a very interesting season, if he continued to kill.

  • Great call on the social worker. Another possibility is Nanny for the kids. Because only on TV do nannies look like Julia Stiles

  • Dave

    That would make sence too. Then when she became suspicious of the late night babysitting she would have to….dissapear. Fits the pattern.

  • Ace

    For broadcast on July 27…score, Coco got me a birthday present :).

  • Dave

    Actually thinking about Rita returning also, and in an odd way. What if Stiles plays her sister(looks similar) and it reminds Dexter of Rita and he gets confused and sees her in Stiles place. That sort of thing. Wouldn't be a ghost, more a halucination.

  • I really like the Blood Analyst Replacement idea, it would make sense that he would need to take some time off to grieve and adjust to his new responsibilities as being a single Dad.