An In Depth Look At… Summer Preview For The ABC Soaps!

If mysterious newcomers are stirring up trouble in Llanview, bombs are literally going off in Port Charles and weddings are being planned in Pine Valley, it must mean that our friends at Soaps In Depth are dishing about summer preview. So what’s ahead for ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERAL HOSPITAL? Read on and find out!

“Despite having shot one son, seen another sent to prison and having a daughter with some major issues because of his parenting, Sonny hasn’t learned a damn thing,” says the magazine’s executive editor, Richard M. Simms, of GH’s tempermental mob boss. “This June, his actions could wind up putting still more innocent lives on the line.” And what about that whacked-out artist, Franco — played by big-screener James Franco — who’ll be hitting town this summer? “Events that begin to unfold this week at the prison where Michael and Jason are staying will be key to Franco’s return. There’s going to be an unexpected turn of events at the prison that will set the stage for Franco’s return.”

Over at AMC, wedding bells are ringing for Jake and Amanda, or “Jamanda”, as they are lovingly called by fans. “Jake and Amanda are already married, but they’re making plans for a really nice vow renewal. Of course, this being a soap, there will be a lot of other stuff going on around them, what with one of the bridesmaids thinking she might be an accidental murderess and two other guests trying to figure out whether to fall in love with or kill one another!” Oh, and then there’s the matter of Palmer’s yet-to-be-opened box of Palmer’s. “That’s still out there, with Erica, who’s trapped in the wilderness with mountain man Caleb. But when it’s opened, it’s going to change a lot of lives.”

In ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Llanview, Ford’s newly arrived brother, James, is going to cross paths with Starr, whose boyfriend, Cole, just happens to be out of the picture at the moment. “Of course, Starr doesn’t like James when she meets him. But we all know how those things wind up. The big question is how big a threat he might pose to Cole’s relationship with his babymama.” There are also a lot of secrets being kept around town, including Natalie and Brody’s one-night-stand and the truth about Ford’s recent attack.

Aside from summer preview, the new issue of the mag also has a very candid interview with Thorsten Kaye (ex-Zach, AMC), who addresses those pesky rumors about his return to OLTL (where he first captured the heart of soap viewers as Patrick, aka He Of The Luscious Locks) and talks about the possibility of Kendall’s main man being recast! There’s also a feature with GH’s Adrianna Leon, whose Brook Lynn is back and stirring up trouble among viewers who aren’t thrilled to see her butting into Dante and Lulu’s love life. And finally, the mag chats with AMC’s Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake), who talks about his recent encounters with things that go bump in the night!

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  • athena0606

    its time for some summer loving hopefully #gh will do better with Franco storyline this time around.

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    Nothing about Natalie and Brody? Bummer.