THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Katherine’s Back… Now What?

If there’s one thing we love about cliffhangers, it’s that they allow all of us to spend the summer pondering what will happen next. In this recurring feature, we’re going to let you step into the shoes of those who pen your favorite shows to tell your version of the story! First up? THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!

Where Things Left Off: News of Anna’s death prompted Jeremy to down a vial of her blood and a handful of cocktails, it became clear that Tyler and his dad aren’t exactly normal, Bonnie made it clear she’s a literal force to be reckoned with, and Elena’s much-discussed doppelganger not only put in an appearance but took her look-alike’s place!

Our Reaction: Much as we love this show, Katherine’s return wasn’t exactly unexpected. Fairly early in the season, we began speculating that she’d show up in the finale. (Although we sure didn’t expect to see her lock lips with Damon and lop off John’s finger within seconds of arriving!) And while pretty much everyone in the world agrees Tyler and his dad are playing on Team Jacob, we can’t help hoping for something more original.

Where Things Left Off: Well, that’s where you get to have some fun! Head to the comments and tell us not so much what you think will happen next as what you’d like to see happen next. In other words, this is your chance to tell the story the way you’d write it!

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  • Alice

    Katherine’s return was expected, but the “team jacob” thing…more original? this is in the books…Tyler in the books is a “wolf” and the book is from 91, so is original…and I loved that they are following this path *-*

  • athena0606

    I love the idea of them being werewolfs i think they can do wonders with it its not like Vampires are particularly original its all about how you do it. I for one would love to see me Witchy/Werewolf action maybe?!!? i detected a spark there. And ofcourse i'd love it if Damon realizes that was Katherine just by her kiss.

  • Am I the only one thinking #VampireDiaries idea about the werewolf is too much #TrueBlood-ish?

  • znip

    I'm sure it will be werewolves; I believe Tyler was a werewolf in the original series. After this (surprisingly) great first season, I trust that they will do the story in a new and exciting way. I am very interested to see when Damon figures out it is Katherine or if he already knew. With the pacing that will probably play out in the first five minutes of episode one!

  • kammie78

    Tyler was a werewolf in the book series, but they have taken such a departure from the books already that maybe there is hope for a new, different supernatural being (although I'm not holding my breath).

    And, I was thinking the same thing about the Damon/Katherine interaction. I am under the impression that if he didn't know before actually kissing her, as soon as he did, he figured it out. My question now is, how long does he keep that information to himself.

  • Liz

    I'm not sure if Damon knew after the kiss. Why would he just leave and let Katherine go into the house to wreak unknown chaos? He's proven that he cares about not only Elena but Jeremy (if only for her sake). So the fact that he just left doesn't sit well with me. More probable was that he sensed something was 'off' or strangely familiar about the kiss, but couldn't quite get there in his head.

    I suspect however that he will be the first to figure it out. Unfortunately, Bonnie, and his forever mistrusting brother will both assume that it was Damon who attacked Uncle John, and therefore will be all hot to dispose of him. Poor Damon, innocent FOR ONCE, will somehow have to prove himself by exposing Katherine.

    And with everyone choosing sides, this should put Elena into a very interesting quandary.

  • Nick

    Tyler and (dead) dad something “else?” Like, err, “Changelings?” Oh, sorry. CW said that idea was “too dark” and chose cheerleaders instead. Too dark. From the network that's best known for Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Nah. Never would've fit in here, right, Dawn? You sure sacrificed a ton of popular stars and genre-lovers for your gamble. Better work.

  • Kayla

    The episode ended with Elena hearing a noise in the kitchen and her walking over. My question is: Will Katherine stay and want to see Elena or will she bolt? Either way, Elena will see her “dad/uncle” dead. Another thing to think about is that Aunt Jenna is in the house. It would be able impossible for them to hide the death of Uncle John from her…

    I don't think Damon knew that was Katherine because he wouldn't have just walked away. Although I do think he will think something is up and go back to Elena's house to find her and Katherine in the kitchen.

    Also, it seems like Jeremy is definitely going to be a vampire for season two. But he obviously can't stay in the Gilbert house anymore. Will Damon and Stefan take him in since Anna is dead? hmmm…I hope it doesn't turn out like the Vicki scenerio.

    My last thought: I'm interested to see how the werewolf thing will play out. Tyler won't know what's happening to him bc the only person who could've told him was his father (who is now dead). I'd just like to point out that I thought it was brilliant to reveal that Tyler's dad has the werewolf gene before he died. It'll be interesting to see the “witch” element bc in Twilight, it was just vampires vs werewolfs. Will all three hate each other or will two of them side together?

  • sophie

    Vampire Diarys is to Twilightish xx! <3

  • Izzy

    Vampire Diaries' books are older! I love True Blood but she followed a path already taken.

  • belinda

    well if that is the case twilight is to vampire diariesh becouse the diaries come out in the 90s

  • ashley

    i really want elena to have some sort of a thing wif damon, he is so hot!!

  • Sarah

    woah, i really think Elena and Stefan should stay together! I've read all the books and I love Stefan and Elena. Although I do like Damon to. <3
    I think Damon will tell Stefan that he kissed Elena and Stefan will ask Elena and when she denies it they'll slowly start to suspect Katherine.
    But Katherine is in the kitten as Elena comes home ahh! I want vampire diares back now!! 🙁

  • Snuggles_2007

    i never would have thought of them accusing damon for john killing but that makes sense and i honestly think damon has to no its not elena cause wouldn't he taste it lol like cant he taste it was not real human compared to being dead and a vampire ?

  • Andrew Lacey28

    I think Katherine will come Face to Face with her Great Great Great Granddaughter Elena to tell her about Being Damon Wife and how to tell Damon to meet Katherine thent Damon and Katherine would come clean about Damon's Relationship is with Elena the real reason of Stefan's Dark Secret about Damon and Katherine and I think this is the first story I've got so far

  • Sofia

    I think Damon will want to Kiss “Elena” again and she'll back off telling him that she loves Stefan and he'll realize that he kissed Katherine.
    I don't think uncle john will die–> i think Elena will come back in time to put the ring back on.
    I don't think Jeremy will turn, Jenna will probably check on him and get to the hospital in time for them to pump his stomach.
    Tyler being a werwolf was a known (the anger issues etc) but is he the only one? I know his father was one but they can't have one werewolf and so many vampires.

  • katherine

    this stinks! i hate clif hangers!i want my show to come back on!grrrrrrr

  • LovelyLivvy

    I hope damon doesn't find out that katherine kissed him so that he tries to get elena cause he still thinks she kissed him that would be exciting

  • Jess

    No its more like Twilight is playing on Team Tyler, Vampire Diaries was written before Twilight please get facts straight before writing up an article nit picking something as a knock off. Twilight (and yes I am a fan of it) is great but it there is NOTHING original in it.