Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things you need to know about BEING ERICA Season 3

Fallout Boy
Despite Ethan’s (Tyron Leitso) conspicuous absence from the press release touting BEING ERICA’s third season, fans worried Erica may have too hastily let go of her one time best friend and boyfriend will be happy to learn that although gone, Erica’s ex is far from forgotten. Rest assured, the fallout from the couple’s emotional breakup last season will reverberate throughout the season. Teased star Erin Karpluk at yesterday’s CBC (Canada’s Broadcasting Corporation) Fall UpFront, “We do an entire episode about Ethan [who may-or-may-not be back in person], so it’s not like he’s gone from the show.”

If Doctor Tom’s Office is a rockin’…
Ever wonder what would happen if Dr. Tom and Erica became more than just doctor and patient? Well, wonder no more! Because when BEING ERICA returns, the show is totally going there. Of course, this being ERICA, it will do so with a twist. Explained Karpluk, “I don’t want to be cheeky, but if you watch the season premiere — which we’re just shooting right now — that question [of what might happen if Dr. Tom and Erica were more than just doctor and patient] will be answered.” Chimed in the good Dr. Tom himself (co-star Michael Riley) with a second opinion, “It’s a complex relationship, but those fans that are asking those questions won’t be disappointed.”

Rocky Road Ahead
Hoping we’d have an answer as to what lies on the other side of the mysterious door Erica walked through to close out last season? Karpluk is not surprisingly keeping her cards close to her vest. Except to say that fans should brace themselves for darker times ahead. “Nothing comes easy for Erica, and like in life, you have to go through hard times in order to gain any success,” said the actress. “What’s behind the door — that whole element that is introduce into the show — it’s darker in the sense that unlike River Rock Publishing [Erica’s former employer] it’s more grounded and rooted. And while there’s still the lightness to Erica in the different realms when she’s with her friends and her times with Julianne which become very fun, the season is also weighted in darkness which I think keeps Erica from becoming superficial. She’s learning, growing, becoming more sophisticated and is evolving and I’m so excited about it.”

Destiny Calls
ERICA’s third season promises to bring our titular heroine face-to-cace with many new challenges in both her therapy and personal life as she grapples with taking that next big step towards fulfilling her destiny. Which naturally begs the question: Just what is Erica’s ultimate destiny? “I think that Jana [Creator Jana Sinoy] has it in her head and I think that Aaron [executive producer Aaron Martin] has an idea in his head, the last person that would know is Erin Karpluk because I specifically ask not to know unless I need to know. I don’t like to know anything in advance.” Concurs Michael Riley, “It’s totally about the characters. Erin is playing a character who doesn’t want to know because she doesn’t know what happens at every door. Whereas I’m playing a character [Dr. Tom] who is kind of overlooking the world and needs to have some background as to where things are headed.”

When it rains, it pours
As it turns out, there is one teensy little downside to playing the lead character on a successful series that requires you to be in virtually every scene. Unless some serious scheduling magic comes into play, Karpluk’s guest starring role as Cate and Ryan’s boss Alice on LIFE UNEXPECTED will more than likely be cut unexpectedly short. “It’s awesome that they [LIFE UNEXPECTED] just got picked up but I just don’t know how it’s going to work out.” said Karpluk regrettably. “I was talking to Shiri [Appleby], and they’re going back to Vancouver to shoot in the summer and I’m in Toronto until October so I don’t see it happening. But if it could overlap it would be fantastic. I had a great time on the show and wish them continued success because I had a blast.”

  • Thanks for the scoop!

  • Thanks for reading! I only wish I had a few more minutes to dig a little deeper with them. I couldn't get their reaction to the SOAPnet news because my time was cut slightly short.

  • Sof

    Thank you! I love that it was renewed! I searched everyday to see if it had!

  • allie

    when does season 3 premiere?

  • BEING ERICA returns on September 21 at 9PM on CBC

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