Our Season Finale Awards Celebrating the Good (And Not-so-good!)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned to recognize after four years of blogging, it’s a good idea when we see one. Thus, in response to Entertainment Weekly’s Season finale awards celebrating the good (and well, not-so-good) we present our take. Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

Best Death: From THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, Uncle John, in the kitchen, with a butcher knife. Ouch!

Most Welcome Exit for an Unloved Character: That noise you just heard, the collective cheer of GOSSIP GIRL fans around the world upong spotting Jenny taking a bus out of town.

Best Overall Ending to an Otherwise Crappy Season: Despite still not having had the chance to see it — it’s hard to ignore the buzz surrounding the GREY’S ANATOMY two-part shocker. Also hard to ignore, the stock price of “Kleenex,” which has gone through the roof. Seriously. Just how many lives hang in the balance?!

Worst Overall Ending to an Otherwise Solid Season: BONES. Don’t believe us, go ahead and look up the term “cruel and unusual punishment” in the dictionary, we have a feeling you’ll see Hart Hanson laughing maniacally.

Best Romantic Cliffhanger: Jeff and Annie, seriously, did not see that coming. Particularly since the show is called COMMUNITY, not BIG LOVE.

Best Non-Romantic Cliffhanger: John’s dead, Jeremy’s circling the drain, Katherine’s in the kitchen with a big bloody knife and Elena just walked through the door. September is how far away now?

Best Kiss: The only time we’re okay with April pressing pause on her never-not-funny trademark eye-roll is when she’s kissing Andy. PARKS & RECREATION FTW!

Best Fight (Verbal or Physical): Dear Braverman Clan, in the epic battle between Haddie and Amber, we’ve got five simple words for you: They were on a break! #TeamAmberPARENTHOOD

Top Tissue Moment (Single tear or sobfest): Jack and Vincent, LOST.

Most Clever Single Twist: Even though we’re the first to admit we probably should have seen it coming, Alternate universe Olivia taking the place of our Olivia (who is trapped on The Other Side) on FRINGE has us anxiously imagining the possibilities that await us come season three.

Weakest Single Twist: Despite Michael Ausiello’s assertion that PRIVATE PRACTICE would feature “what I’m 100 percent certain may be one of the most shocking deaths in any of this season’s finales,” there was very little shocking about Del’s death. Particularly thanks to Chris Lowell’s uncharacteristically vocal stance with regards to his unhappiness when it came to his character’s trajectory and the fact that he had already packed his abs… err… bags for New York City.

Funniest Half Hour: MODERN FAMILY.

Spookiest Image: Living up to their mantra was the CW’s 90210 reboot which finally gave fans “something to talk, tweet and text about” by ending off the season with Naomi becoming the victim of Mr. Cannon [her teachers] very-unwanted sexual advances. Shudder.

Most Rewound Moment: You mean aside from those super clever LOST-inspired Target ads? The final 15 minutes of show, Duh.

SPECIAL AWARD: Biggest Regret That I Didn’t See It, I Just Read About It: V

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  • Vamp

    Diane: the show they were talking about is ‘The Vampire Diaries’

  • At least the Bones finale was way better than last year's dream episode–now THAT was horrible!
    Grey's is probably my pick for best finale this year. While the Lost finale had some good moments, that crap-tastic ending ruined it.

  • I obviously don't watch the show so shouldn't care, but it's driving me nuts … what show is the Best Non-Romantic Cliffhanger?

    And I kinda liked Bones. Really doubt we'll see the year apart anyway.

  • The Vampire Diaries

  • kammie78

    Great awards all around! Although, I would put in an argument for Fringe having the Best Kiss (probably because I don't watch Parks and Recreation…) but…

  • joshemerson

    Best Death & Most Shocking: Rita on Dexter. That was the twist of the season for me. You could also give it the award for “Most Disturbing” since they had the little kid sitting on the bloody floor.

    Completely with you on Best Kiss (Andy & April FTW!) and Funniest Half Hour.

  • EKI

    I swear on Jacob´s ashes that when I was watching Fringe's Season Finale I thought, about 5-10 minutes from the end, 'How cool would it be if the other Olivia… (spoiler free comment)?'. And not until I saw the isolation room did I realized they actually did it… and I was likw… “When?!?!?! How?!?!?!?” And then I realized… the greande…

    I don't know how this happened. I saw it coming, and still, they totally had me…

    I just have one problem with Fringe; Supernatural and Fringe play the same day at the same time. This can't be good for neither they audience ratings…

  • kammie78

    Actually, I'm pretty sure they moved Supernatural to Fridays for the fall…

  • chels725

    Some of us crazier fans saw the Jeff/Annie kiss coming (part of it may have been a ton of wishful thinking) It was an awesome cliffhanger. They got my award for Best Kiss. Joel McHale & Alison Brie have killer chemistry.

  • angrodpallanen

    You HAVE GOT TO see Grey's finale. It's amazing. Loved it. And so shocking. It truely has you beat on to choose between LOST. I mean, Lost was beautiful, epic and fantastic, but those two hours of Greys had me worried about EVERYONE'S life.

  • Sarah

    I actually think the Bones finale was the best since Season 2. It was actually probably the best finale of all. A little tension. Things are changing, opening doors to new storylines. I love it. 😀

  • Best kiss should’ve been from House! ^_^

  • The House kiss should've been there!^_^

  • Linda B.

    You still have not seen the season finale of Grey's Anatomy???!!! Okay, pick a night this week. You catch up on Grey's, I'll catch up on Heroes. 😉

  • Kim

    Best Death: Jack ~Lost
    Most Welcome Exit for an Unloved Character: Shaw~Chuck
    Best Overall Ending to an Otherwise Crappy Season: How I met Your Mother
    Worst Overall Ending to an Otherwise Solid Season: The Bow Tie Killer ~ CSI
    Best Romantic Cliffhanger: Jeff and Annie~Community
    Best Non-Romantic Cliffhanger: Rita's death ~ Dexter
    Best Kiss: tie: Jeff and Annie~Community & Peter and Olivia ~ Fringe
    Best Fight (Verbal or Physical): Jack and Presedent Taylor~24
    Top Tissue Moment (Single tear or sobfest): Jack's death ~Lost
    Most Clever Single Twist: Rita's death ~ Dexter
    Weakest Single Twist: Purgatory ~ Lost
    Funniest Half Hour: CougarTown
    Spookiest Image: Kathrine cutting off Uncle john's fingers~ The Vampire Diaries
    Most Rewound Moment: The last 10 minutes of The Vampire Diaires
    SPECIAL AWARD: Biggest Regret That I Didn’t See It, I Just Read About It: ~None, everything I wanted to see I saw