Good News, Bad News: Charlie Sheen, J.J. Abrams & Jerry Seinfeld

Good News: Charlie Sheen is going to jail! Bad News: His 30 day sentence, which is expected to be reduced to 15-17 days for good behaviour, will in no way interrupt production of the upcoming season of TWO AND A HALF MEN. [Source]

Good News: The first twenty pages of J.J. Abrams highly-anticipated new NBC series UNDERCOVERS has been spotted online. Bad News: We can’t read Italian. [Source]

Good News: Jerry Seinfeld is headed to Broadway. Bad News: Make that off-Broadway, were he’ll not so much perform, but to direct Colin Quinn’s one man show. [Source]

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  • scubadew

    ” Bad News: We can’t read Italian.”

    The site that leaked the script is Italian, but the script is in English.

    Epic research fail.

  • Thankfully my crack research staff — ie. my far smarter and better looking readers — were on the ball. Thanks for the heads up scubadew.

  • I've seen the full & final pilot and have given my opinion/review/first impressions up at my blog:

  • Nick

    Colin Quinn….you mean the unfunniest guy ever to grace SNL?

    Undercovers? I give it four weeks. People are both spied-out and Abramsed-out at this particular moment.

  • Thanks for the link Annie.