The CW Gets its End of Season Report Card

Good Moves: After countless seasons that culminated with the inexplicable cancelation of some of our favorite shows (R.I.P: PRIVILEGED and JACK & BOBBY), the CW network finally threw fans of quality television a bone by renewing the critically adored LIFE UNEXPECTED for a second season. Not so unexpected was the audiences seemingly insatiable appetite for all things Vampire, resulting in the fledgling network’s first bonafide breakout hit in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Note: By CW standards, “bonafide breakout hit” translates to about 4 million viewers). Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the rest of the CW’s new offerings, which brings us to the…

Bad Moves: There was very little to ‘talk, text and tweet” about with regards to the Ashton Kutcher produced BEAUTIFUL LIFE, which after a splashy ad campaign, quickly fizzed. Also falling into the category of ‘bad,’ was the the way in which the CW’s target demo summarily rejected the guilty pleasure that was the now defunct MELROSE PLACE reboot. And from bad to ugly, lest we forget the budget-conscious network’s biggest blunder: Scheduling. Seriously. Just how any Network can expect to build audience awareness after benching shows for weeks on end in lieu of repeats of AMERICA’s NEXT TOP MODEL we’ll never understand.

Prognosis for the Coming Season: Cautiously optimistic. In the network’s favour was the surprising renewal of a trifecta of aging hits including SUPERNATURAL, ONE TREE HILL and SMALLVILLE which at the very least should help with the oft mentioned scheduling problems by allowing for the CW to fill out an entire Monday to Friday lineup for the first time since the WB and UPN merged. Working against the network: Their Fall offerings including the Tom Welling produced HELLCATS (which has THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE bomb written all over it) and NIKITA (an action-adventure that we can’t help but feel would be far more of a fit on USA.)

Last Season’s Grade: C-

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  • Nick

    As much as I like Life Unexpected, I can't help but feel that Privileged had far more story to explore and was axed wayyyy too soon. Perhaps it was simply CW execs learning their lesson, but when you axe shows like Everwood and Privileged in favor of Runaway and The Beautiful Life, there's some seriously bad programming judgment being exercised.

    Privileged also helped fill the ever-growing and noticeable gap of zero comedy on the network. Thinking back, the decision to kill this show after one sterling season is unfathomable.

  • Ace

    Nick — I agree. I like Life Unexpected and I'm glad that it got picked up, but Privileged deserved the same fate. Then they would have had something to air on Wed. instead of repeats.

    As for fall, I can't say that any of the new shows interest me, but I will still watch LUX and Vampire Diaries. They really should get to work on some mid-season replacements though b/c (1) I think their new shows won't last long and (2) they should use their aging old shows to lanch something new before they (most likely) end next year.

  • I guess I would have to give The CW a D. Life Unexpected should have been the show that came in the fall, and not mid-season. Not The Beautiful Life, which was canceled after only two episodes.I could never get into Melrose Place either. Nikita looks good, and might perform well enough with Vampire Diaries as a lead-in. Hellcats looks like a straight up bomb. I wouldn't watch that show if you paid me.

  • Danny

    Hellcats looks very ABC family-ish, probably would do better there..I too am predicting it will sink…just like TBL..Nikita does look good, just not “young enough” for the CW, for me that´s a good thing…
    Any word on what shows, if any, are being considered for midseason…Betwixt AKA Changelings looks like a good one..

  • athena0606

    i see good things for Hellcats and Nikita i think Nikita really fits in with what CW is good at the young adult genre stuff. I can't wait to give them a shot and so happy about SPN and Smallville

  • Kay

    Gotta disagree with your assessment of Nikita, which would “also” fit on USA. It seems a good choice for The CW, bridging the action of Smallville, the drama of Vampire Diaries with espionage and mystery, so popular in this Bourne Identity era. It seems a good fit for The CW. We'll see if the viewers agree come Fall!

  • Harvard Medical School & Nomads are the only two shows still in contention for mid-season.