TV Ratings: Monday May 31, 2010 (NHL Shoots, Kinda Scores)

Source: MediaWeek, Viewers: in millions
Time Network Show Viewers 18-49
8PM ABC The Bachelorette 6.72 2.0/7
CBS How I Met Your Mother (R) 5.28 1.7/5
NBC Stanley Cup Finals 4.60 1.6/5
FOX Lie to Me (R) 3.28 0.9/3
CW One Tree Hill (R) 630,000 0.2/1
8:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement (R) 5.82 1.7/5
9PM CBS Two and a Half Men (R) 9.72 2.6/7
ABC The Bachelorette 8.02 2.6/7
NBC Stanley Cup Finals 5.79 2.4/7
FOX The Good Guys (R) 2.96 0.9/3
CW Gossip Girl (R) 587,000 0.3/1
9:30PM CBS The Big Bang Theory (R) 9.41 2.9/8
10PM CBS CSI: Miami (R) 8.04 1.8/5
NBC Stanley Cup Finals 5.89 2.5/7
ABC True Beauty 5.41 2.0/6

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  • Nick

    Open Letter to the Network That Eliminated its Comedy Dept.:

    Can you comprende that soap/serial/dramas do NOT repeat well, and (I'm guessing) to NOT sell well into syndication or DVD?

    Comedies, on the other hand, are re-watched daily for decades. Good ones never grow old. You gave up on the genre too fast. Shoot, the CBS castoffs would play well on your network (Christine, etc.). Bottom line, if a half-million people watching your drama repeats doesn't convince you to (duh!) hire some better comedy writer/producers—ya know, instead of just eliminating comedy altogether—I really don't know what it'll take, folks.