Ask the Addict: Spoilers for TRUE BLOOD, GLEE, LIE TO ME & More!

Because waiting until the June 13 premiere, for lack of a better word SUCKS, I’m gonna need some TRUE BLOOD scoop! — Marlee
The TV Addict: Okay, here’s the deal. Despite having already had the pleasure of sinking our teeth into the first three episodes of the new season, we are not the least bit interested in spoiling one of the summer’s true delights that is BLOOD’s trademark oh-no-they-didn’t-just-do-that moments by revealing, say… the circumstances surrounding Eric and Sookie’s first face-to-face of the season! What we will say is that creator Alan Ball may have spent a little too much time during his hiatus online because one particular scene from the premiere reads as if it was ripped directly from some very dirty wishful fan fiction. 

As an enormous fan of the books, I’m counting down the days until the premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Have you seen the pilot? And if so, what did you think? — Madison
The TV Addict: ABC’s Family’s newest summer offering is GOSSIP GIRL, meets Cruel Intentions with a dash of I Know What You Did Last Summer thrown in for good measure. Better still, complete with scantily clad teenagers, sexy British imports, and copious amounts of scandal (You would not believe what PRIVILEGED alum Lucy Hale does with a teacher. Seriously. JoAnna Garcia would not approve!), PRETTY LITTLE LIARS — which premieres June 8 at 8PM — is well on its way to becoming our official choice for this summer’s guiltiest pleasure.

As an ardent supporter of “Team Eric,” I simply have to ask: Which fandom will have a bigger smile on their face come June 13? — Melanie
The TV Addict: Again, not really something we want to spoil, except to say that regardless of what “team” you’re on — be it Eric or Bill’s — you’re in for a real treat. Particularly since not even Hollywood seems immune to these harsh economic times as evidence by what surely must have been an epic cutback in the HBO series’ clothing budget!

Any hints as to what we can expect when LIE TO ME returns? — Dave
The TV Addict: How does a VERONICA MARS alum sound? Because when LIE TO ME returns on June 7 (8PM on FOX, GlobalTV in Canada), so to does Jason Dohring. Although we should warn VERONICA MARS fans: Forget everything you thought you knew about the kinder, gentler Logan Echolls. Dohring’s role as a very-suspicious grad student is far more reminiscent of Beaver…. err Cassidy Casablancas, well, that or Dexter Morgan.

I demand at least one morsel of TRUE BLOOD scoop! — Bethaney
The TV Addict: Remember those out-of-control orgies Maryann was responsible for last season? Well as it turns out, being ‘responsible’ wasn’t exactly front of mind for one unlucky couple!

Still reeling from the BROTHERS & SISTERS car crash, please tell me Holly survives! — Amanda
The TV Addict: While we can’t tell you whether or not Holly survives, we can tell you that you’ll more than likely be seeing less of her. As according to our sources close to the production, with a shortened 18 episode order, many of your our BROTHERS & SISTERS are being asked to sit out an episode or two as a cost cutting measure in what looks to be shaping up to be the final season of this ABC series.

Just how big a role will werewolves play in the new season of TRUE BLOOD? — Sadie
The TV Addict: As we continue to keep our answers as ambiguous as possible, let’s just say that by the time the credits role on TRUE BLOOD’s third season premiere one thing will be abundantly clear: In his 173 years roaming earth, poor Bill Compton most definitely didn’t find the time to watch the Disney animated classic Beauty & the Beast.

Is ABC really desperate enough to reboot ALIAS less than five years since it went off the air? — Jenn
The TV Addict: Although we are talking about the network that thought HANK was funny, we have a feeling that E! Online may have [understandably!] let their enthusiasm get the better of them with regards to their recent story touting ALIAS’ return. That said, we do have some exciting ALIAS related breaking news to turn that frown upside-down: SpyDaddy himself Victor Garber will be returning to TV as a special guest star in the upcoming third season finale of FLASHPOINT.

Do you know how GLEE will end this season? — Riley
The TV Addict: No. but we’re willing to bet that it will involve a big splashy musical number that incorporates many of the season’s favorite numbers into one giant mash-up. 

Have you had the chance to watch any of the new pilots? — Mikey
The TV Addict: Following a very hectic May of finale after finale after finale, we’re somewhat embarrassed to admit that we’ve been on somewhat of a break from TV this past week. That said, after a week of repeats and reality to remind us what we’re missing, we pledge to start watching the stack of pilots sitting on our desk over the weekend and will begin to offer up our opinions accordingly. As the saying goes, stay tuned.

Well that about wraps it up folks for this edition of “Ask the Addict.” if you’ve got a question for the TV Addict, you can email me directly at or follow me on twitter @thetvaddict.

  • Amy_D259

    Never watched Lie to Me before but will defin. have to catch that episode <3

  • Pretty Little Liars starts JUNE 8th, not July. you almost scared the crap out of me. i can't wait another month! 🙂

  • Thanks for the correction Nikki.

  • ggny

    holy hell he looks so much like Logan Echolls in that promo picture

  • DW542

    He doesn’t look like he’s aged at all the last three years! Looks exactly the same as he did on VM.

    Can’t wait to see him back on TV again.

  • I am true addict to glee series.