CBS Gets its End of Season Report Card

Good Moves: Despite our general lack of excitement when it comes to CBS’ procedural heavy schedule, it’s hard to argue with success. Which is why, rather then rail against the first place network for their reliance on gruesome procedurals, not to mention their seemingly never-ending roster of spinoffs, we find ourselves taking the high road. After-all, there’s a reason NCIS: LOS ANGELES and THE GOOD WIFE were a hit from the get-go, THE BIG BANG THEORY effortlessly cemented its status as TWO AND A HALF MEN’s heir apparent, and UNDERCOVER BOSS made the most of its much-buzzed-about post-SuperBowl timeslot to become the season’s big reality TV winner: CBS knows what their audience wants and delivers. Unfortunately, we’re not their audience. Which bring us to the…

Bad Moves: We’re still smarting over the network’s disgraceful handling (and we should mention unceremonious dismissal) of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and are not above admitting to finding a modicum of pleasure when it comes to witnessing the network’s aging roster of procedurals including the all three CSI’s, COLD CASE and GHOST WHISPERER quietly haemorrhage viewers.

Prognosis for the coming season: Positive. Particularly since CBS, unlike BP, is taking a proactive approach when it comes to putting a stop to their [ratings] leak by preemptively dumping under-performing dramas such as COLD CASE and GHOST WHISPER in lieu of splashy new vehicles starring the likes of Jerry O’Connell, Jimmy Smits, and Tom Sellick. While at the same time launching a some-might-say all-out assault on Thursday night by pairing THE BIG BANG THEORY, their second biggest performer with newcomer $#*! MY DAD SAYS. My dear COMMUNITY and BONES… be afraid, be very afraid.

Last Season’s Grade: A

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    Any final word from ABC on Christine pick-up? Looks unlikely — and know the passed on GHOST WHISPERER. but had not seen anything on Christine yet.


  • Bad news for CHRISTINE today:

  • I'll give them an -F (for f***ing idiots/a***holes) for cancelling Ghost Whisperer, Miami Medical, Cold Case and Three Rivers and getting rid of Emily, Garcia, Eddie, Wendy and Stella.