Fall Preview ‘10: MIKE & MOLLY

You’ve seen the commercials. You’ve heard the hype. Now there’s only one thing you want to know: Which of the new fall shows are worth watching and which should be avoided at all costs? In this continuing series, we give you the scoop on some of the most highly-anticipated shows of the season. On the menu today is another serving of CBS staple Chuck Lorre who executive produces MIKE & MOLLY.

The Boilerplate: Since these pilot presentations may go through numerous rewrites and casting changes prior to premiere, this by no means should be considered an official review. Rather a preview of what one can expect come Fall.

The Elevator Pitch: MAD ABOUT YOU FOOD.

The Plot: When Police officer Mike Biggs (Billy Gardell) meets Molly Flynn (Melissa McCarthy) at an Overeaters Anonymous® meeting, it’s love at first bite sight. (And no, these food-related puns will never get old!)

The Snap Judgment: Primetime television has become the home of two distinct brands of comedies. On the one hand, you have your quirky, edgy and slightly more sophisticated stylings of say a COMMUNITY, COUGAR TOWN, 30 ROCK or HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. On the other, you’ve got Chuck Lorre, the man behind THE BIG BANG THEORY and TWO AND A HALF MEN. Which is why we must preface our ‘judgement’ by saying that MIKE & MOLLY is by no means for everybody. But if you’re a fan of Lorre’s safe and somewhat saccharine brand of comedy, or enjoy spending your Monday nights with four nerdy underdogs, a blonde, and an apartment — which judging from last season’s ratings would be approximately 15 million of you — you’re going to eat up Lorre’s latest hour-hour helping. Particularly since the titular roles of Mike and Molly are filled out by Billy Gradell and GILMORE GIRLS alum Melissa McCarthy respectively, two actors whose talent and immense likeability more than make up for some of the stupid $#*! that comes out of their character’s mouths!

The Verdict: CBS has another big hit on there hands. (Okay we’ll stop!)

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  • angrodpallanen

    I haven't liked Lorre since Dharma & Greg, but I love Melissa McCarthy. Obviously I'll check it out, but I'm not sure if my love for Melissa is enough to get me through anything that resembles Two and a Half Men.

  • What if I like Big Bang Theory, but hate Two and a Half Men?

    Also, How I Met Your Mother is sophisticated?

  • joshemerson

    Yeah I don't see where HIMYM is any more sophisticated than Big Bang Theory.

    With Lorre, I guess we have a 50/50 shot at this show being good. Two and A Half Men sucks but TBBT is fantastic. Personally I have a feeling Mike & Molly is going to be more towards TBBT. It looks good, has a nice cast, and the previews are funny. The only reservation I have is that I hope it's not too much of a one-joke thing. “Oh look they're fat!”