NBC Gets its End of Season Report Card

Good Moves: Despite a season marred by the controversial, albeit highly entertaining late night fiasco that was Jay Leno versus Conan O’Brien and the surprising purchase of the network by Kabletown Comcast, NBC deserves some serious kudos for weathering the storm. By treating lowly rated critically adored fan favorites like COMMUNITY, PARKS AND RECREATION, CHUCK and PARENTHOOD with kid gloves, the network sent a clear and powerful message to Hollywood creative types: The once proud Peacock network is back! Unfortunately, they’ve still got quite a road ahead of them. Thanks in no small part to the…

Bad Moves: Suffice to say, NBC’s 2009/10 season wasn’t pretty. New offerings TRAUMA and MERCY, two pedestrian hour-long dramas were summarily rejected by the majority of viewers, interest in established shows such as HEROES and LAW & ORDER dwindled to all-time lows culminating in cancelation for both, while try as they might CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and THE BIGGEST LOSER continue to pale in comparison ratings wise to the likes of rival reality offerings such as DANCING WITH THE STARS, AMERICAN IDOL, and SURVIVOR. Oh, and did we mention the bath NBC took on the recent Vancouver Winter Games — they lost a cool 200 million dollars.

Prognosis for the coming season: Surprisingly positive. Considering (a) the network has no where to go but up. And more importantly (b) Fall offerings which include JJ. Abrams’ UNDERCOVERS, Becki Newton’s LOVE BITES, and the Jason RItter starrer THE EVENT have us already counting down the days until Fall!

Last Season’s Grade: D

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  • joshemerson

    What exactly do you grade them on? Their success/ratings? Because based on quality they deserve a higher grade for Chuck and the Thursday comedies.

  • Maybe a C-

  • The Jay Leno debacle alone gives them no higher than a D. The entire industry, save for the few NBC Exec who green-light it, KNEW that was a bomb in the making

  • josh,
    grading isn't an exact science! But upon reflecting on the season they had ratings wise, the abysmal failure of their fall offerings and the haphazard way in which they plugged the 10PM hour after the failed experiment that was Jay Leno. I couldn't in good conscious give them a good grade, despite the fact that they do have four or five shows that I adore.

  • angrodpallanen

    If you keep such fan favorites around, that counts really high with me. They don't deserve a D! They introduced Community and Parenthood this season! They brought Lauren Graham back to TV! I've been liking NBC almost as much as I've liked ABC for bringing back the 3 last summer!

  • I agree, that fiasco ALONE warrants a D.