An In Depth Look At… THREE’S COMPANY, Soap Style!

If there’s one things fans of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS know, it’s that Nick loves Phyllis. If there’s another thing they know, it’s that he kinda can’t stop himself from being drawn to Sharon. But next week, things get intense when Nick’s current and former wives wind up under the same roof.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like trouble!

“Sharon’s still recovering,” explains Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “See, last week, she wound up being cropdusted.”

Um… what?

“Sharon and Phyllis were trying to find proof that Adam is still alive, and the search led them to a corn field. While they were there, a plane sprayed pesticide and Sharon wound up inhaling a lot of the toxic dust.” Apparently, that’s not the kind of thing one simply bounces back from, explaining why Sharon needs someone to keep an eye on her. “To say that Phyllis isn’t thrilled by the idea of her nemesis moving in would be an understatement,” says Simms. But the ladies may need to work together again when fate throws Nick under the proverbial bus. “Things are going to get really, really complicated for all three of them,” teases the editor.

The new issue of In Depth also features a tribute to the late Helen Wagner (Nancy, AS THE WORLD TURNS) in which the cast share their thoughts on the legendary performer. And with Father’s Day just around the corner, they catch up with some famous pops and their offspring. And don’t forget that it’s time to cast your votes in the Y&R semi-final round of the Supercouple Smackdown, in which Nick and Sharon compete against Chance and Chloe as well as Billy and Victoria. The winner will move onto the final to compete against ATWT’s Jack and Carly as well as THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Bill and Katie!

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