Separated at Birth: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Kyle Chandler and LONESTAR’s James Wolk

Courtesy of our inexplicable need to point out actors who remind us of, well other actors, comes our latest separated at birth: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS star Kyle Chandler and LONESTAR’s James Wolk, who while not quite a household name just yet, is on the verge of becoming Hollywood’s “Next Big Thing” come Fall. Trust us.

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  • Oledad

    Wow that is so weird that you posted this because earlier today when you posted the Lonestar preview I looked at the pic and thought briefly that it was Kyle Chandler!

  • Suzy

    James Wolk has been on an upward trajectory ever since his high school musical days….He has it all… talent, looks, intelligence, charisma and a strong work ethic. He also has pertect timing…

    When was the last time (if ever) ANYONE debuted on the small screen and the big screen in the same month?

    I predict he will win an emmy (probably the first of many awards) for his portrayal of Bob/Robert Allen.

  • Jaynehasselroth

    OK, but he is no Kyle Chandler.

  • Tinana

    I knew I couldn't be the only one who thought this! In fact, my whole reason at this moment for wanting to watch Lonestar is because he resembles Kyle Chandler, who I definitely have the hots for.