Saturday Silliness: Hollywood Cutback Hilarity

This just in: Hollywood in crisis! No really… Just how tight have the Network purse strings gotten when it comes to TV budgets? Well, as cleverly pointed out by the highdefiniteβ€” some of your favorite television show prop departments have been sharing the same faux newspaper for years! (Click on image for a closer look)

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  • Nick

    If I see a front page story about the death of Jeremy Bentham, I’ll freak.

    (Can’t recall…was that question ever answered? Why did Locke change his name to J.B.?)

    Still obsessing.

  • ewanspotter

    TV Addict, I took a survey for Entertainment Weekly and your blog was included in a list of “Do You Visit These Sites” question? πŸ˜€

  • Haha this is awesome..

  • Ewanspotter,
    Sadly, your comment will be the highlight of what's turned out to be a fairly rainy weekend! Would love the link to the survey if you've got it on hand.

  • Steven

    This sort of thing amuses me. It's the same as the 2GAT123 license plate. It's a fictional California plate used all over tv and movies. Since 1990, I've seen it in LA Story, Melrose Place (first generation, two different cars), Brimstone, The X Files, Sci-Fi's Invisible Man (or I-Man), Charmed, Bevery Hills Cop II, and a bunch of others.

    And I didn't know it until right now when I was looking for an image link, but it has its own wikipedia page: