Saturday Silliness: Hollywood Cutback Hilarity

This just in: Hollywood in crisis! No really… Just how tight have the Network purse strings gotten when it comes to TV budgets? Well, as cleverly pointed out by the highdefinite— some of your favorite television show prop departments have been sharing the same faux newspaper for years! (Click on image for a closer look)

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  • Nick

    If I see a front page story about the death of Jeremy Bentham, I’ll freak.

    (Can’t recall…was that question ever answered? Why did Locke change his name to J.B.?)

    Still obsessing.

  • ewanspotter

    TV Addict, I took a survey for Entertainment Weekly and your blog was included in a list of “Do You Visit These Sites” question? 😀

  • Haha this is awesome..

  • Ewanspotter,
    Sadly, your comment will be the highlight of what's turned out to be a fairly rainy weekend! Would love the link to the survey if you've got it on hand.

  • Steven

    This sort of thing amuses me. It's the same as the 2GAT123 license plate. It's a fictional California plate used all over tv and movies. Since 1990, I've seen it in LA Story, Melrose Place (first generation, two different cars), Brimstone, The X Files, Sci-Fi's Invisible Man (or I-Man), Charmed, Bevery Hills Cop II, and a bunch of others.

    And I didn't know it until right now when I was looking for an image link, but it has its own wikipedia page: