Lessons Learned From Katherine Heigl’s KILLER Weekend

Are you an up and coming television actor who has been just itching to jump to the big screen? Is portraying the same character [beloved by millions] on a weekly basis taking its toll? Well, before you sit down for that exclusive one-on-one with Michael Ausiello to publicy air your grievances with your job that pays you more money in a week than the average American will see in a lifetime, here’s a little tip from your friendly neighborhood TV Addict: Don’t quit your day job!

Oh sure, in theory ditching the hit prime-time series that made you a household name may sound like a good idea, unfortunately the reality is anything but. Just ask Katherine Heigl, whose career prospects just hit a slight, shall-we-say speed-bump.

But don’t take our word for it, do the math. What does an embarrassing 15% on Rotten Tomatoes, a lacklustre 16 million in box office receipts, and scathing reviews like this one from The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck which called “the audience the real victim” add up to? One very valuable lesson for Hollywood’s television elite: The grass is not always greener.

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  • Nick

    My philosophy has always been: You're on a hit TV show? Your face is seen by millions and millions on a weekly basis? You don't quit that for anything. You add movie work during your hiatus. And you don't work with egomaniac Ashton Kutcher.

  • Diana

    Well, she should've talked to David Caruso and David Duchovny before she decided to leave greys!

  • Ace

    I think she could have succeeded if (1) she stopped putting her foot in her mouth and (2) she knew how to stick to better scrips. She has been in a few entertaining movies and could still have a lasting career, as long as she actually reads a script b/f signing on to another crappy movie. For every Caruso, there is a Clooney.

  • Jackie

    Personally I would never see that movie because Ashton Kutcher is in it. I actually really adore Katherine Heigl, and love her honesty, but I REALLY don't like Ashton. I know more than a few people who agree so I wouldn't completely assume the movie's poor showing is all Katherine's fault.

  • Neil K

    Not sure why you would lump David Duchovny with David Caruso. Duchovny stayed with X-Files for 8 years and the show was winding down. While Caruso left after the second season. I don't blame any TV star wanting to try to make it on the big screen. Some do and some don't. That's a chance they take.

  • Well, I don't really blame Katherine Heigl for this movie sucking…

  • DB

    i completely agree. it's a shame that when a movie bombed, usually the actresses got more blame than the actors. the trailer looked kind of amusing with Katherine Heigl… until Aston Kutcher pop in (his line “I worked for blah blah blah….” always made me hit the mute button because he irritated me too much, him, a spy? seriously?)
    I don't compare Heigl to David Caruso just yet because Grey's has really ruined her character's storyline (and made me stopped watching,) so cut her some slack, at least she actually have talent.

  • Hayley

    “Killers” is Katherine Heigl's first box office disappointment in four years. She is currently one of 5 actresses in Hollywood who can get a project green lit simply by signing on. Her current quote is $13M, she has a movie out this fall that's already receiving positive buzz, is set to star as the lead character in “One For the Money,” (the first in a lengthy series of popular books, and potential movie franchise), and recently signed on to star in another movie scheduled to film this fall.

    “Killers,” a speed-bump? More like a slight, shall-I-say ant-hill. But don't take my word for it, do the math.

  • athena0606

    I actually really enjoyed Killers & thought that KH and AK made a great team. Would I love for Izzie to still be on GA sure but *shrug* I doubt she's solely to blame for whatever went down behind the scenes there.

  • grumpiestoldman

    She's a smoker. Disgusting.

  • Jazzydhoney

    she said she quit. But it caught on to her face.