Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions raised by last night’s episode of THE BACHELORETTE

Has the weatherman ever SEEN the show?
Last week, Jonathan was freaked by the idea of wearing a skimpy bathing suit. This week, the thought of kissing Ali for the first time caused him to… cry. Seriously.. Every time he’s on screen, the show looks more like THE BIGGEST LOSER than THE BACHELORETTE.

Who at ABC has pics of The Bare Naked Ladies doing obscene things to a goat?
Doing the theme song from THE BIG BANG THEORY? Majorly cool. Pimping your new song on THE BACHELORETTE? Not so much. Right now, Sheldon — the least pop culture-savvy person on the planet — is demanding CBS get someone else to do his show’s theme.

Is Ali the most insincere person ever?
When Chris was telling the half-creepy, half-heartbreaking story about having his dead mom’s name forever etched into his flesh, she made mewling noises and looked at him as if she wanted to say, “Yeah, yeah, but when are we going to either drink or make-out again?”

What was with the shaky-cam used when Justin “surprised” Ali?
The producers tried playing it as if they were caught off guard by Justin’s arrival at Ali’s mansion, trying to convey that sense with shaky camera work. But since the guys aren’t allowed to just leave the mansion whenever they want (not to mention a camera crew followed every step of his hobbling journey), they obviously knew he was coming. Anybody else think it wasn’t a coincidence that Ali was doing an interview exactly where he would wobble into the scene? Yeah, thought not.

Is it getting ridiculously easy to see the strings being pulled by producers?
Whether Justin is there “for the right reason” or not is up for debate, but what isn’t is that the producers obviously told Ali to give him the last rose in order to pump up the tension at the rose ceremony.

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  • joshemerson

    The #1 question: what are you doing watching The Bachelorette?

  • Nick

    The #2 question: who doesn't seriously believe all of this crap is completely staged? If you don't, you're as dumb as the come.