Watch, PVR, Pass: Tuesday June 8, 2010

WATCH: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (8PM ABC Family, MuchMusic in Canada)
Dear CW, we’ve got three words for you: Watch your back! Because after handily beating you in the ratings game, ABC Family is setting their sights on the ripped-from-the-popular-book one with tonight’s premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. A perfectly packaged hour long sudser, which if you can get over the premise’s complete lack of originality (It’s I Know What You Did Last Summer meets GOSSIP GIRL, with a dash of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES thrown in for good measure) may in fact be our pick for summer’s guiltiest pleasure.

PVR: GLEE (9PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Since the DVD doesn’t come out until September 14, we have a feeling you’ll definitely want to be re-watching what promises to be a fantastic finale culminating in the road to regionals, more of Sue’s scheming, Quinn’s big day, not to mention cameos by both Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban.

Pretty self-explanatory wouldn’t you say?

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  • Irishjoe

    Yep, I really enjoyed Melrose… And having Laura Leighton on Pretty Little Liars is a interest for me!

  • irishjoe

    Really looking forward to Pretty Little Liars… I hope it doesnt suck!

    And Glee should be good too, but I have to admit, I dont think the back 9 episodes (April/May/June) have been as strong as the original 13 episodes from last year..

  • irishjoe,

    As long as you're on board with the whole concept of “guilty pleasure” and if I remember correctly — seeing as though you're a MELROSE PLACE fan that shouldn't be a problem — you'll enjoy PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

    As for GLEE, completely agree with you. While still worth watching, GLEE's penchant for turning every episode into an assignment is getting somewhat annoying.

  • joshemerson

    I'm not too crazy about Glee. I think it's extremely overrated. But since it's the summer season and nothing is on, I'll watch the finale.

  • Nick

    Were you aware that Pretty Little Liars was in development at The CW a couple seasons ago? They obviously passed, so it will be interesting to see if ABCFam hits gold with it.

    On another note: Berman notes that that CW's was nearly invisible in the ratings last night. Which begs the question: exactly WHY are there no interesting reality or alternative shows on The CW in the summer? Where are those British shows (X-Factor, Shipwrecked…) that were being discussed? Isn't anything better than a Tree Hill encore?

    And when will CW learn that soapy hour dramas don't repeat well? Even Dawson's Creek and 7th Heaven floundered the 2nd time around. Comedy is much needed in the mix.

  • I DVR'd Pretty Little Liars last night, any follow up on if it was any good? I am looking for a new little guilty pleasure, so I am hoping that this turned out well. I won't be able to catch up on my shows until this weekend, so just looking if anyone thought it was good??