This Just In: Why ABC Family is Sitting Pretty

Not sitting pretty today… the CW executive who passed on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. The premiere of which attracted a whopping 2.5 million viewers, which according to ABC Family stands as the network’s number one series launch on record. Ouch!

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  • Danny

    but yet, they picked up Hellcats, which I insist on saying IS very very ABC family-ish…. (btw, I'm loving the graph :P)

  • Thanks Danny!
    If someone would pay me to sit at home all day and make fun charts in illustrator, life would be good.

  • Lol, I love this chart. Hellcats will bomb for them. It's going up against Glee in the spring if it even manages to survive until then and isn't a TBL bomb. PPL was actually really good last night. I know I'll be tuning next week.:)

  • ryan

    you cant actually compare the two shows because Pretty Little Liars has only aired 1 episode, where Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill & 90210 arent their premiere ratings or premiere ratings in the 09-10 season

  • Nick

    Another in a string of bad management decisions. Who's getting the final words over there? Moonves? Ostroff? Roth? Isn't it time the network ages “down” in the executive suites? The mystifying program choices indicate…yes.

  • Amy_D259

    Honestly I think that if PLL premiered on the CW it wouldn't have gotten as good ratings.
    Not many people watch the CW because of how bad their shows are known to be.
    ABC has a good summer track record because of shows like Greek and SLotAT. I think that people trust that network to deliver okay shows in the summer so they'll give it a chance whereas if it was on the CW people wouldn't.

  • Chris

    I'm glad you said this, when I saw the graph I thought “how is this possible?” Everybody I know watched the 90210 premiere a few years ago. (we don't watch it now, but we're talking premieres here.)

  • Just to clarify, the numbers for the CW shows are based on their 2010 season finales.

  • Abby

    Really interesting and love the graph but I wonder if it would have done as well if it hadn't premiered in the summer. The CW shows have a lot of tough competition during the regular season.

  • I agree.

    If this premiered in the Fall against that competition then I do not think that this would have gone nearly as well.